8 Reasons Help Toplife Tower Apartment Conquest All Customer

Toplife Tower Apartment in District 10 with the beautiful design, prime location and many facilities around the project is creating a shock in the real estate market.

The real estate market in the center of Ho Chi Minh City has never diminished the heat in the recent years because many large real estate projects have appeared to meet the needs of homebuyers and investors. It can be said that every segment from apartment, luxurious apartment to the townhouse, adjoining villas are always welcomed actively in the market. Among them, luxurious apartment segment is standing out with many big projects with prestigious investors, including Xi Grand Court apartment project of Phu Son Thuan, Masteri Millennium apartment of Thao Dien, Vinhomes Ba Son apartment of Vingroup, Hado Centrosa Garden of Ha Do and Toplife Tower apartment of Eximland. All of which form a high-end apartment complex in Ho Chi Minh City. This helps to create a new and comfortable living space for the resident.

Toplife Tower apartment in District 10 is paying attention of many professionals and real estate investors in the market today. Real Estate Express will give you 8 reasons creating great attraction of this project to customers.

The prestigious owner and distributor

Toplife Tower was invested by Exim Real Estate Corporation, also known as Eximland, with many experience years in real estate business and management. Eximland’s shareholders are large corporations such as Eximbank, Saigon Tourist, Savimex Corporation or Rong Viet Securities Company, so the financial potential of Eximland is great. This helps to ensure the progress and success of the Toplife Tower luxurious apartment project. In addition, Exim has been successful with many previous projects such as Satra – Exim building, Exim Garden residential area, Hoc Mon urban area or apartment in District 9.

The distribution and marketing unit of the project is Exim Real Estate Services Joint Stock Company has the prestige and the professional. It distributed successfully many large projects in the market such as Van Gia Phuc Residence, Phu Cuong District 2 or Sunny Plaza.

Great location of apartments in the central area

Toplife Tower Apartment

Toplife Tower is located at 376 Dien Bien Phu street, which is considered as the golden location in District 10 and Ho Chi Minh City.

Toplife Tower is located at 376 Dien Bien Phu Street, which is considered as the golden location in District 10 and Ho Chi Minh City. From here, you can quickly move to other districts in the city such as District 1 or District 3 via 3/2 Street, Cach Mang Thang Tam Street. In addition, there are supermarkets, banks, amusement parks, schools, major hospitals and financial and administrative centers around the project because it is located in the overall planning area of District 10. This brings the convenient traffic and the experience of living facilities for the resident.

Unique and high-grade facilities of Toplife Tower Apartment

The Toplife Tower apartment project in District 10 is known for its uniqueness in various facilities categories. This creates a large competitive advantage in the central area of Ho Chi Minh City. It can be said that there are few projects in the center of District 10 which have 4 basements for parking.

In addition, Toplife Tower also has a swimming pool on the terrace. The pool is built according to the 5-star standard hotel and is designed by experienced French architects. Especially, there are two modern and advanced elevators that help residents move more easily. This is an important and different point in Toplife Tower facility.

Opportunity to live and invest long-term

The project was given a timeless red book that few projects in the central area get. This helps to ensure the value- added of the apartments in the project and residents feel secure to live. Not only that, Toplife Tower project in District 10 is in the vibrant real estate market, so profitability rate is high and liquidity is good. This is a long-term investment opportunity for investors because the project can meet both the demand for surfing investment, rental investment and especially long-term investment with high profitability.

The suitable price and the flexible payment method

Toplife Tower is in the high-end real estate segment with the prime location, however, the price is only $105856 / unit with flexible payment method during 2 years. At the same time, customers can borrow money quickly at Eximbank. After payment, you will be handed out the apartment with the key apartment, full of facilities.

Toplife Tower ensures maximum construction progress

The owner of Eximland decided to select the most prestigious constructor to manage, execute and supervise the project, it is Apave Asia – Pacific Company. Eximland always follows the progress of the project, so the progress of the project is always guaranteed.

Facilities and high-grade living space of the Toplife Tower apartment

Toplife Tower apartment has full of high-grade facilities to help residents experience a modern life. There are the five-star standard swimming pool, gym rooms, restaurants, commercial center, offices, and children’s playground. Moreover, Toplife Tower is managed and operated by the professional management company in accordance with international standards to help residents secure with a life experience and facility services here.

Toplife Tower Apartment

The unique feature of Eximland’s high-end apartment project is its four basement car garage with five-star standard spas on the terrace.

A clean living environment with civilized community

The Toplife Tower apartment project brings residents a clean living environment with green space of the tree system. There is a civilized community because most of the customers are entrepreneurs, teachers, university professors or doctors.

It can be said that Toplife Tower apartment is a perfect living place. This is expected to be a successful high-end apartment project and create great attraction in the market in the future. Coming to Toplife Tower District 10 is coming to a paradise in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City.

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