8 Types Of Papers The Home Buyer Needs To Prepare Before The Transaction

In addition to financial resources, home buyers need to prepare a variety of documents such as identity card, household registration, marital status certificate, labor contract, payroll to make transactions more smoothly.

Accordingly, in order for the legal process to take place smoothly, home buyers should be prepared two sets of papers: the required group and the group that may be needed.

In particular, the required documents should include:

The first: Identity card, including originals and copies.

The second: Household registration, including originals and copies.

Papers when buying and selling housesThe third: Marriage certificate (if married) or marriage certificate (if not married).

The fourth: For foreigners who want to own an apartment or detached house in a commercial housing project, a valid passport must be prepared with a stamp affirming the entry of the Vietnamese immigration office. (and not under privileges of diplomatic immunity).

Identity card and household registration are the required documents when buying and selling houses.

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The fifth: When wanting to have the common name of the red book, the common person also needs to prepare the people’s identity card, household registration and the person must sign with the buyer in real estate transfer contract at notary office.

The home buyer paperwork may include:

The sixth: If the home buyer needs a mortgage to borrow money for the purpose of buying real estate, a lot of papers should be prepared. These are: Mortgage loan application form the property formed from loan funds, copy of single certificate or marriage certificate, copy of ID card, household registration or KT3 (temporary residence book). Need proof of income through a lease contract or labor contract or statements of bank transfer account … Contract for selling housing notarized, pink book, notice You must also prepare a drawing of the status quo

Preferential interest rates for home loan reference by some banks in the market

The seventh: If the buyer needs a mortgage loan (unsecured loan) at the bank, the buyer should prepare: ID card or passport, household registration book or KT3, application for a mortgage loan, (Labor contract, salary statement …).

Papers when buying and selling housesThe eighth: When completing notarization contract of land purchase contract, buyer must go to District Tax Department to make declaration and pay registration fee. The registration fee is charged 0.5% of the value of the lot. At this point, the buyer must bring along his / her identity card, household registration book, marriage certificate or marriage certificate.

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One problem Vietnam Real Estate advises home buyers to keep in mind is to copy the necessary documents into multiple copies to facilitate more administrative procedures. At the same time, when paying fees, homeowners should keep receipts in case of need. When making a deposit, the buyer must also make a written request and the buyer may require a notarized deposit contract to protect his / her interest in the future.

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