A Global Vision From A – Z On Grand Court District 10

Xi Grand Court District 10 is the hottest residential complex in Ho Chi Minh City in the southwest of the city with many advantages of a leading real estate project in the market.

Ho Chi Minh City is considered as the leading economic city of the country with high growth rate along with vibrant life. However, along with the dense population, narrow land and escalating housing prices, the market lacks many real estate projects fully planned to meet the perfect demand of life. Understanding that, Xi Grand Court District 10 was built with the desire to bring the city residents an ideal living environment to ensure full and comfortable life with a series of class facilities and fresh air filled with natural green. This project is currently receiving great attention in the market while also creating a real fever for real estate in the southwest of the city.

Who is the investor Xi Grand Court?

The construction investment is Phu Son Thuan Construction Investment Ltd., one of the prestigious brands in the real estate market in Ho Chi Minh City. Throughout the process of construction and development, Phu Son Thuan has been successful with many large real estate projects, especially the project apartment The Sourthern Dragon at 10 Au Co. Following the success of The Sourthern Dragon, the investor decided to carry out Xi Grand Court apartment project in District 10 after receiving the transfer from Saigon GS One Member Limited Liability Company.

The design consultant of the project is Nageco General Construction Consultant Joint Stock Company, the official contractor responsible for construction is Cat Linh Investment Construction JSC and supervision consultants is Apave Asia – Pacific Limited Liability Company. These are units with long experience and high level in construction, consultancy and construction supervision. In addition, Phu Son Thuan’s project in District 10 is also distributed by 6 of the most prestigious distribution partners in Ho Chi Minh City today with years of experience, dedication and customer’s trust

Xi Grand Court in District 10 Hồ Chí Minh City

Where is the Xi Grand Court project located?

Xi Grand Court District 10 is located at 256 – 258 Ly Thuong Kiet Street, Ward 14 in District 10 of Ho Chi Minh City. This is considered to be a prime location with four facades and is located right in the center of the city, opposite the Phu Tho Stadium. From here, residents can quickly connect to the city’s major arterial roads that travel to nearby districts, suburbs and neighborhoods quickly. At the same time, experience the full range of facilities around District 10.

What is the planning of the project?

Xi Grand Court in District 10 with total area of 17,940 sqm is designed to be built including 4 blocks A1, A2, B and C with height 27 to 29 floors design offset help to create distance and space for blocks. According to the plan, the project provides about 740 apartments, including 540 luxury apartments to meet the needs of families and investors, 200 apartments for rent. In addition, the six floors of the Xi Grand Court project are used for commercial centers – services that meet the needs of business, shopping and life experiences for residents. It is projected that the size of the project’s population could reach 1,684 people.

What is the special design of Xi Grand Court apartment in District 10?

The apartments in the new project of Phu Son Thuan have many different types for customers to choose, ranging from 69 m2 to 109 m2 with 1 bedroom or 3 bedrooms. The highlight of the apartments in the Xi Grand Court building complex in District 10 is that 70% of the apartments are cornered with two airy sides, not only enhance the viewing angle but also help the space utilize the multi-sunlight and  receive full natural atmosphere. The equipments used in the interior used in the apartment are high-end equipment imported from advanced countries.

What are the highlight utilities of Xi Grand Court?

Xi Grand Court District 10 perfectly satisfies the best living conditions for residents with a variety of systems and utilities. It includes the commercial center – services from the ground floor to the 6th floor with an area of more than 60,000 sqm. This is considered to be the largest commercial center in District 10 that offers a shopping, dining and entertainment experience with supermarkets, shops, restaurants or cinemas. In addition, 80% of the floor area of the 7th floor is used as a multipurpose facility with an international standard swimming pool, hanging gardens, high-end gym and spa facilities, banking system, play area of kids, community activities, and convenient coffee shops.

In addition, to the Xi Grand Court District 10 to settle, customers also experience a natural green environment with an area of 3,105 sqm used by investors Phu Son Thuan as a park green trees and the walkway brings life in harmony with nature and modern comfort for residents living in the Xi Grand Court project. In addition, the high-end apartment complex also has 2 basements for parking of 38,544 sqm to meet the demand for cars for the residents of the apartment, along with a system of schools, hospitals and Guest facilities around.

utilities of Xi Grand Court in District 10, Ho Chi Minh

What is the price and method of payment?

Currently, the Xi Grand Court luxury apartment complex is priced from §1434 / sqm excluding VAT, so it is only § 95.652 that customers can get an apartment with 2 Bedrooms. This is the price assessed by real estate professionals better than other projects in the same segment. At the same time, Xi Grand Court District 10 also has a flexible payment method along with outstanding sales policies for customers such as 30% initial payment, the remaining payment after the handover of the apartment. In addition, Phu Son Thuan also committed to give the pink book within nine months from the time the apartment is delivered to customers.

Investment opportunity with Xi Grand Court District 10 is good?

The high-end apartment project of Phu Son Thuan investor in District 10 promises great investment potential for clients and investors in both short and long term. Not only is the best location in District 10 along with a host of class amenities, the apartments also provides the ideal living space and environment for residents. Modern living space, in harmony with nature, is located in the busiest development area of the city, which is a big advantage with Xi Grand Court apartment in District 10. This offers prospects for rental investment, surfing investment at the same time promises great value added in the future. Currently, Phu Son Thuan pledged to lease back the family apartment for $900 for two-bedroom apartments and $1,000 for three-bedroom apartments, the rate of return could reach 9-10% per year.

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