An Original Work Of Art Named Venica Khang Dien District 9

Venica Khang Dien Villa is the most high-class villa in the easten suburb of Ho Chi Minh City. This special project of Khang Dien is dedicated to for elite life. Venica Khang Dien Villa will bring a new and interesting living space to its owners because it is located in the heart of the land like a green oasis.

The Venica villa project is not only well known for its beautiful location and highly-qualitative interior and exterior system, but also attractive by its luxurious and classy classical design.

A few great points of Venica’s location and facilities:

Venica Khang Dien Villa

Venica townhouse project is located on the front of Do Xuan Hop street, adjacent to District 2, this project is located right next to Song Hanh street to Mai Chi Tho District 2.

Venica Khang Dien Project is located on Do Xuan Hop street frontage, adjacent to District 2. This project is situated next to Song Hanh street going toward Mai Chi Tho District 2, and also next to the ring road toward District 7 and next to the HCM City – Dau Giay Expressway. The transportation of this place is developing, therefore, its residents can quickly move to the center of the city in about 10 minutes.

Coming to Venica Villas, you can enjoy a modern life, full of advanced facilities, a smart security system, spacious swimming pools, modern gyms, barbecue area and the riverside park where people can go around to get some fresh air or fish to relax after a busy working day. Besides, residents living in the Venica villa  – International villas will enjoy full of high-end facilities for relaxation or study in its seminars, sport centers, swimming pools, saunas and spa and outdoor zones like a children’s playground.

The orginal and attractive design

Venica Khang Dien Villa

Residents of Venica Villas – International Villas will enjoy high-end facilities and full facilities for relaxation, study, seminars, etc

Venica Villa Project has 43 units in the area of 3 hectares. There is a system of canals and luxury interior amenities, therefore, it will be great for elite.

In particular, the Venica Villa has the river system surrounding its precinct as forming a poetic oasis ,and it also ensures absolute security for its residents and isolation from the outside.

The river around it has a length of more than 1,000 meters approaching directly to the villas and parks, its external facilities. The main road is 20-meter wide, and interconnects to internal roads.

A majestic and spacious entrance and bridge leading into Venica is the first outstanding impression of the project. It is designed Neoclassical architecture combined with the Mediterranean one, then it creates the elegant lines and noble and luxury appearance of villas. Using soft fences made from green trees creates airy and fresh space that is close to nature. Venica Villas are designed following classic style but its appearance still is luxurious and fashionable.

There are two types of villas – single and duplex villar like a magnificent castle built with 3-floor height in the area of 200 sqm to 600 sqm. Pedestals and pillars are made of high-grade rocks, which increase the level and fashion of the villa. Stylized balconies designed with large windows bring a sense of nostalgia and is also the ideal place you and your family comfortable to relax after a stressful day of work indeed. In particular, dome-shaped windows designed delicately and a delicate and small garden create private space for the villas. The villa area is from 226.29 sqm to 618.5 sqm, serving a total population of 172 people. The size of the villa area is 31,010 sqm (which has 43 units including 18 duplex villas and 25 single villas). Construction density accounts for 24% (according to approved planning), and the area for green space is 7,414 sqm.

The entire technical infrastructure of the Venica Khang Dien villa is covered with green trees, grass cover, flowers and leaves to bring to customer a life in harmony with nature. The villa has unique architecture and high aesthetic value.

Venica Villa District 9 is an extremely unique product built both classic and modern design; it is unique in Ho Chi Minh City.

Why do not you reward yourself a villa designed luxuriously and aesthetically?

For further information, please contact Venica Sales Department directly at (+84) 898 898 688.

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