Analyse From A To Z About “Aqua 4” Apartment Of Vinhomes Ba Son

An analysis from A to Z about Aqua apartments 4 Vinhomes Ba Son project which has just opened for sale.

Aqua 4 apartment building was officially opened for sale is the last apartment building located in the Aqua subdivision of Vinhomes Ba Son project invested by Vingroup investors.

Following the resounding success of the Vinhomes Central Park project, Vingroup investor introduced to customers in the area of Ho Chi Minh City ambitious project followed by Vinhomes Ba Son, also known as the official name ‘Vinhomes Golden River’ because the project is located right in the golden land of Saigon River, where Ba Son port was formerly located. Vinhomes Ba Son is divided into different subdivisions of which the most prominent are the three subdivisions for luxury apartment buildings such as The Luxury, The Front and The Aqua. Among the luxury apartment buildings of the project, the Aqua 4 court in the Aqua subdivision has been officially opened for sale attracting many real estate investors and buyers of apartments on the market.

Let’s together with Real Estate Express explore the details of the Aqua 4 apartment building together with investment potential in Vinhomes Ba Son District 1 at present.

Where is the location of luxury apartment Aqua 4?

Aqua 4 is a high-end apartment building which is considered to be the most prominent location in the Vinhomes Ba Son project, although it is at the end of the project and the Aqua subdivision. Also added to the beautiful location of this apartment by the experts, Aqua 4 apartment building is the most beautiful location among the remaining towers of the current Aqua. The highlight of The Aqua 4 is the beautiful view along with the unique location in the heart of District 1 of the city which is very convenient for connecting traffic and facilities around.

 Aqua 4 apartment

location of Aqua 4 apartment in Vinhomes Golden River District 1 Ho Chi Minh City

In addition, due to its location at the end of the project, both sides of the apartment are surrounded by Thi Nghe Canal and Saigon River, which brings the price of Aqua 4 With apartment buildings in other subdivisions of the Vinh Son Ba Son project. At the same time, it helps the residents to enjoy the cool and romantic living space and view the Saigon river and the city center.

What is the most special feature of Aqua 4 in the Vinhomes Ba Son project?

It can be said, the special point and the greatest attraction of the last apartment building in The Qua subdivision is an unique view that rare apartment area has. Due to the position adjacent, two sides of the river And in front is a low-rise villa. From Aqua 4, all directions are the most beautiful. By the opposite is the new symbol of Ho Chi Minh City – Bitexco building, southwest facing the entire Saigon River and tropical gardens, while the northeast is a direct view of the tallest building Landmark 81 in Vietnam and Thi Nghe canal. Below is the low-rise luxury villas and the internal landscape system. It all contributes to Aqua 4 the visually appealing vision for nature lovers and romantic souls.

How to design the Aqua 4 apartment?

The Aqua 4 Vinhomes Ba Son Apartment is modernly designed with 36 floors in which the number of apartments is 12 units / floor with 3 basements for intelligent cars and 8 modern elevators along with 2 escape stairs. This contributes to creating the most comfortable living environment and quality for residents. In addition, the apartments in the luxury apartment complex of Aqua 4 are divided into different types to meet the needs of different customers including the luxury apartments from 1 to 4 bedrooms, apartments Penthouse over air and multifunctional Officel service apartment.

 Aqua 4 apartment

model room of Aqua 4 apartment Vinhomes Golden River project in District 1 Ho Chi Minh City

Luxury apartments are 5 star standard, which are designed from 1 to 4 bedrooms with area from 49.5 sqm to 155 sqm, which is suitable for families. With the desire to create perfect living space and class, the apartments are consulted by the world’s leading companies and use the furniture imported from the famous manufacturers. Duravit sanitary wares or German kitchen Bosch come with central air-conditioning system and European standard water purification system. Notably Smart Home’s state-of-the-art smart home remote control technology is combined with the most modern Low-E glass system to effectively block ultraviolet light and makes the rooms in Aqua Apartments 4 modern with the natural light source.

What is the utility system around Aqua 4?

When choosing to stay in the Aqua subdivision in general and Aqua 4 in particular, in addition to enjoying the classy living space inside the apartment, families also experience the full range of top 5-star facilities. Surrounding the apartment with green environment and natural scenery. The classiest amenities include a standard swimming pool, high-end gym and spa, multipurpose yard, shopping center, BBQ area and restaurant or sports area, children’s play area, school system, hospital health care and utility multipurpose yard. In addition, the Aqua 4 Vinhomes Golden River apartment is ideally located close to the world-class marina system and the river-view observation deck for an enjoyable experience exploring the city center next to river.

 Aqua 4 apartment

Utilities of Aqua 4 apartment in Vinhomes Golden River project location at District 9 Ho Chi Minh City

The special feature of Aqua 4’s utility system is the attention of Vingroup investors in creating a natural landscape for living space with squares, gardens, tropical gardens paradise, grassy playground, lakes, riverside area, green fence and riverside jogging track.

Is the price of Aqua 4 Vinhomes Ba Son high?

The apartments in The Aqua District 1 were officially opened in April 2016, in which Aqua 4 is open for sale at the most affordable price compared to the price of other luxury apartment projects on the market. Depending on the type of apartment, the area and the number of bedrooms the price of the apartments vary. Of which, one-bedroom apartments cost from 127,593 USD to 153,992 USD / unit, two-bedroom apartments priced from 197,989 USD to 307,983 USD/ unit, the highest is 3 and 4-bedroom apartments with Sale price from 373,980 USD to 52,797USD per unit. Experts now quite good evaluation of the price and profit investment opportunities of apartments in the apartment complex 4 Vinhomes Ba Son District 1 compared to the beautiful location in harmony with natural space and equipment. Interior and system is luxurious and class. This is a good investment opportunity for investors in the market today with the form of investment rental, investment surfing or long-term investment in the future for Aqua 4.

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