Analysis of SSG Tower Van Thanh apartment in Binh Thanh District

SSG Tower apartment is now a pretty attractive apartment in the Ho Chi Minh market.

Although it was built up to the 6th floor, SSG investors have not sold yet and SSG Tower apartments are expected to open in the near future. This article will share our view on this project.
SSG Tower apartment is located on the golden land of Binh Thanh. SSG Tower is located in front of 561A Dien Bien Phu Street, Ward 22, Binh Thanh District. Right at Van Thanh Old Market and opposite Van Thanh Tourist Area. With the location here, it is sure that the move to all district centers such as District 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, Binh Thanh … will be extremely fast and convenient. In addition, Van Thanh SSG apartment is located next to the Metro line from Ben Thanh to Suoi Tien.

SSG Tower apartment is built on the land front Dien Bien Phu with an area of ​​5.983 sqm. SSG Tower consists of two towers up to 32 floors, of which basement B1 is used as a supermarket, the first floor to the fourth floor is a luxury commercial center. There are cinemas, food court, swimming pool, gym on floors 5 and 6 …

In the two towers, one tower is used as office for lease and one tower is the high-end apartments from 7th-24th floor with a total of 123 units. The SSG Tower also has four basements containing more than 700 cars and thousands of motorcycles.

SSG Van Thanh apartment with 5 star standard. Class, luxury, sophistication is the word you will say when you see the perfect utility at SSG Tower. With a basement for supermarkets and a 4-storey commercial center, it will help the favorable shopping for the residents are. There are also high end utilities such as movie theaters, food court, swimming pool, gym.

In addition, SSG Dien Bien Phu apartment is located in the gold position of HCM so the surrounding facilities have formed a long time ago. Definitely one thing you will want only about your apartment after a stressful working day to enjoy a wonderful life

The SSG apartment has a large area and extremely luxurious interior. SSG Tower has apartments ranging from 55sqm (1 bedroom), 94sqm-¬100sqm- 109sqm (2 bedrooms) and 120sqm (3 bedrooms), you will definitely have many choices to suit your needs. All apartments are designed with living room and bedroom overlooking the Saigon River to help you always have a relaxing space right in your home.

In particular, SSG Tower with ultra luxurious interior will make you surprised when entering the apartment here. All furnishings are high quality and luxurious to meet the high life of you and your family.

The SSG investor’s brand is a commitment to quality. SSG Tower’s investor, SSG, is also the owner of luxury apartment projects such as Sai Gon Pearl, Thao Dien Pearl and Saigon Airport Plaza.

All of SSG’s projects are handed over on time and give customers value that many apartments have. The profitability of the SSG Tower project will certainly be good

With the ranging from $ 800 to $ 1200 per month, SSG Tower’s rental rate is expected to fall by more than 7% per year. In addition, this is a way to preserve your capital in times of economic difficulties and high inflation.

Certainly, with the location and advanced facilities, the SSG Tower apartment will be hired by businessmen and foreigners to live. Currently, there is no official price, but SSG Tower apartment price is estimated at $ 1700 – $ 2100 /sqm

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