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Another View Of The Supply Of The High-Grade Apartment In District 2

D'edge Thao Dien

Experts always try to convey the message that the product is for customers really having demand for the living but they are rather worried about the investors who have apartment project in District 2 when the supply is much.

In my opinion that is a paradox, because much supply is not bad for customers who needs buying the apartment in District 2.

In this perspective, I do not take into account the macro factors such as the domestic economy, or making up the bad consequences. I believe in the factual data of my survey, instead of the macro estimates.

Supply and demand are two factors creating the market, the supply will have to depend on the demand.

For me, if the supply is much, the customer has a lot of choices. In many projects, I can choose the apartment that is the most suitable for the customer’s need.

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Although the supply is much, if you choose carefully, you will find out the best apartment. The supply is created by the prestigious brands such as Capital Land, Keppel Land, Or Dai Quang Minh … so many customers also feel happy.

Much supply creates a diversity of products, projects focus on the living environment such as Diamond Island, the project which owns a million-dollar view is Empire City. D ‘Edege project worships the luxury. Waterina and Feliz En Vista project has the sophisticated design. Customers are comfortable to choose the suitable apartment.

New City Thu Thiem
New City Thu Thiem District 2 Project

The demand is in the hands of the customer so it is the customer who is deciding the supply of luxurious apartments in District 2.

Do you want to buy an apartment in the area where has only one or two choices? You like the sophistication, but the project is a bit serious. You want to have a peaceful life but the project only stresses the facilities.

I am sure that you will not buy such apartments. And the customer themselves are contributing to creating a diversity of product in the apartment market in District 2.

New City
New City District 2 Project

After the project was not as the expectation of service and quality of life in 2015-2016, in 2017, the high-grade apartment investor in District 2 has tended to focus on design, emphasizing the service after the operation.

A lot of customers buy the unsuitable product at some stage, sell that product to a more suitable customer and then continue to buy a product suiting them, the investor does too. If they lose, they will find other products to buy and then they will win. The investor never wants their money to not make a profit as well as there is no product that is definitely suitable for the living need of the customer.

In my opinion, because the need for buying the high-grade apartment in District 2 of the customer is high, the supply is also much. A lot of customers choose the apartment to raise the capital instead of saving money in the bank.

In quarter 3, District 2 apartment market is expected to have a series of products and this is also the opportunity for customers to choose the most suitable apartment:

+ Empire City

+ Waterina Suites

+ Raemian Galaxy

+ D ‘Edge

+ New City

Investors who have acquired the brokerage system in the East will have a high rate of winning … Investors who are slightly “self-confident” should also be careful.

Waiting … SaleReal will continuously update more information and other views of the market in District 2 to customers.

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Another View Of The Supply Of The High-Grade Apartment In District 2

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