Apartment For Rent In District 3 Also Not Escape Discount At The End Of The Year

While the segment of office rental is still flourishing, the rent for district 3 is likely to go down as the storm cannot escape the end of the year.

It can be said that thanks to the development of real estate projects, the supply of all segments of District 3 including housing, office for rent and apartments for rent has grown strongly. The rapid increase in supply has caused saturation, the owners of apartment rental District 3 cheap phen phenyl distorted face because prices continue to fall.

Apartment for rent in District 3 continuously dropped

The most influential segment is the high-end apartments. Compared with 2016, the price of apartments for rent in District 3 has decreased by 12-15%. Not stop there, despite the discount, but many apartments still fall into a damp situation, buyers just come to see and do not like to go away.

Apartment for rent in District 3

High-grade apartments in District 3 also fell despite lower rents

Tran Trong Kim, a rented apartment for rent in district 3, said that not only the high-end segment but also the popular housing, he encountered many obstacles. Previously, a two bedroom apartment he can earn at least 4 million per month, now the customer requires VND3.5 million per month to agree to rent, but around the owner all fell, I have to follow but not alone maintain a price.

In 2017, estimated that Ho Chi Minh City has about 21,000 apartments handed over, this is a pretty “terrible” figure. And this terrible supply has made the apartment market in District 3 become more difficult.

Apartment for rent in District 3

In 2017, 21,000 apartments will be delivered to Ho Chi Minh City

Not only is the “tragedy” of apartment District 3

If we learn more about the real estate rental in Ho Chi Minh City, we will know the price of renting apartments in District 3 is not natural. Typically in the hotel segment, room rates in all three categories decreased by an average of 7% per year although room occupancy increased slightly.

Apartment for rent in District 3

Hotel rental prices in Ho Chi Minh City tends to decrease

In the period 2017 – 2020, when Ho Chi Minh City receives about 3,200 hotel rooms, the pressure on rent and capacity of the hotel will be even heavier.

In Hanoi, office supply increased by 0.2% compared to the second quarter, but rental rates dropped by 0.8% quarter-on-quarter. In the serviced apartment segment, rents also declined, although capacity increased.

Thus, it can be said that in the end of the year, the price of apartments for rent in District 3 in particular and the market in the country, in general, are going down slightly. Although this is a sign of sadness for developers, this is an indispensable trend when supply increases too fast, while demand is not really breakthrough.

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