Architecture Space Of Khang Dien Project In Binh Chanh District

How is the project Khang Dien Binh Chanh Villa planning and building What are the subdivisions and categories of an architecture of the Khang Dien Binh Chanh Project Area?

Planning a site’s architecture that is not important but a key element in evaluating the potential of the building. In fact, many investors, after specifying the location of the project, have continued to question the site planning as a factor to explore further.

If you are also interested in Khanh Dien Binh Chanh Project and can evaluate the quality of the works and choose the right product for you through the site factors, you can refer to the sharing below.

Khang Dien project

In September and October 2017, Khang Dien investor officially opened the sale of Khang Dien Villa House in Binh Chanh District.

This article will provide you with a full range of ground planning and project architecture issues, hopefully this information will give you full knowledge of the project based on this angle. The following is the exact news published from the owner:

A general plan of Khang Dien Binh Chanh Project:

Khang Dien Binh Chanh Project is a super special project, the first project Khang Dien officially set foot in the southwest of Ho Chi Minh City, after a period of “battle” on the East Saigon Real Estate Market. Khang Dien Binh Chanh can be called as the result of BCCI and Khang Dien cooperation, with a scale of about 200,000 sqm (20 hectares).

Khang Dien project

Total surface Khang Dien project in Binh Chanh Ho Chi Minh

Khang Dien owns a 57.3% stake in BCCI, becoming the main investor of the project. To make it easier to manage investments and implement procedures, Khang Dien, BCCI and CenGroup have set up Thuan Phat Real Estate Investment and Trading Company Limited on the investor’s behalf. In particular, CenGroup holds a 20% stake.

Under the ground plan, the Khang Dien Binh Chanh super project will be divided into three main subdivisions, with a total of 897 townhouses and villas. The project consists of 19 blocks (numbered alphabet), developed in each phase and open in batches based on blocks.

Detailed information about the planning area of the whole project area as follows:

– Compound No. 1: Including 621 homes, with a variety of units ranging from 5 x 15m and 7 x 15m. Division 1 is the building block A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, K, L.

– Second Compound Subdivision: It consists of 145 houses, each with 5 x 15m, 6 x 15m, 7 x 15m. Subdivision 2 is the building block M, N, P.

– Third Compound Subdivision: It consists of 131 homes, with the wide area for each unit. This zone is the place where blocks U, Q, T, S, R are built. In particular, Zone 3 is also the developer’s area for some special products, with 7 villas + 8 houses. The street area is super wide up to 8 x 30m.

Whatever the product is in which area, dividing the area between townhouses and villas also has certain standards. Particularly, the plot area of 8 × 18m, 8 × 20m, 10 × 20m … is the villa line; and plot area 5 × 18m, 5 × 20m … is the line of townhouses.

Although the products in the project, there are some areas planned interleaved, generally are designed according to each “specialized area”, each special range, with its own townhouse and private villa area.

Classical architecture design at Khang Dien Binh Chanh Project:

Khang Dien project

Perspective of luxury and modern townhouses in Khanh Dien Binh Chanh project when completed

Khang Dien Binh Chanh project has been developed by the developer according to the standard of a green urban area, with architecture following modern European architectural model. With the goal of turning the project into a crowded residential area, reaching the most prominent scale in the South West of Ho Chi Minh City, the investor has put all efforts to develop the project.

897 townhouses in the project, is 897 wonderful living space wonderful that any customer would like to own. 897 of this product, also 897 investment opportunities attractive development, is the lucrative investment channel that no one can miss if really targeted real estate southwest Saigon.

Currently, the products of Khang Dien Binh Chanh project are being constructed, with a ground floor structure of 2 floors wide, finished basically outside, and interior furniture will be handed over rough. This way homeowners can minimize the cost of buying real estate and are free to decorate the home

There is not much information on the architecture of the project, in the next time the owner announces the overall, we will continue to update you to easily evaluate the quality of the project.

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