Assessing The Demand For Mid-Range Apartments In Hanoi

The population in Hanoi is now more than 10 million people, with such a high population density, the demand for housing is not small.

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In order to meet the increasing demand for housing for the people of Hanoi, a series of medium-scale apartment projects have been launched. Here are some objective assessments of Vietnam Real Estate about the need to buy mid-range apartments of Hanoi people at the moment.

Demand for mid-range apartments of Hanoians

According to Vietnamese people, “buying a house, marrying a wife, the car is important” in life. One of us also wants to have an apartment to build a home, especially in big cities. In the past few years, when the trend of middle-class and low-cost real estate has been on the rise, the demand for Hanoi’s apartments has been increasing.

According to a reputable real estate company in Hanoi, visitor arrivals and real estate transactions skyrocketed, with 70% of customers interested in mid-range apartments in Hanoi. In particular, the majority are young couples and families with low or medium income families with the desire to buy mid-range apartments to settle down.

Demand for apartments in central Hanoi

70% of Hanoians want to own a mid-range apartment

On the other hand, the population in the Capital is increasing without any sign of decline. Due to the economic integration, the people of the provinces pull up to make up the demand for housing in Hanoi increased.

According to real estate experts, medium and low-cost flats will be a new real estate trend for the period 2017 – 2020, and this market segment promises to grow and occupy the segment of any high-end property in the next few years.

Demand for apartments in central Hanoi

The number of visitors, buying apartments in mid-Hanoi high mutation

Depending on the financial conditions and the demand, customers can choose a suitable Hanoi apartment in the range of VND15-20 million / sqm easily with full facilities.

Assessing the quality and utility of mid-sized apartment projects in Hanoi

Real estate trends in the period 2017 – 2020, mid-range apartments are becoming a hot item not only interested customers but also investors special attention. By the end of 2017, hundreds of mid-end apartment projects will be launched in Hanoi, which will continue to grow strongly in the near future.

Grasping the needs and tastes of the capital city before the impact of real estate trends from 2017 to 2020 many large contractors also landed and created waves of fierce competition. Most notable are VinGroup, FLC Group, Gamuda.

Demand for apartments in central Hanoi

Beautiful design of a mid-range apartment in Hanoi

As the supply of mid-range apartments increases, customers will also have more options when they decide to buy an apartment. Accordingly, the mid-range projects in Hanoi are also improving in terms of quality, utility as well as design and landscape.

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In addition to improving the quality of the project, the beautiful design is suitable for many customers such as one-bedroom apartment for senior couple, 2-bedroom apartment for the small family or 3-bedroom apartment for the family has many generations. These projects also meet and satisfy the requirements of fun, entertainment, shopping … for all ages with the full commercial center, restaurant, children’s playground, gym.

Demand for apartments in central Hanoi

Diverse amenities in mid-range apartment projects

In addition, commercial banks now have more preferential policies and support people to pay installments when buying apartments in Hanoi. Just make a minimum of 20-30% of the value of the apartment and pay the remaining amount within 1 to 2 years or more than you have right now to stay home.

Demand for apartments in central Hanoi

It is easier for the people of the capital to buy a mid-range apartment with the help of a bank

Some typical mid-range apartment projects in Hanoi include Vinhomes Sky Lake Pham Hung – Cau Giay; Imperia Garden – Hai Ba Trung; An Binh City – Nam Tu Liem … owns the excellent design and quality not to mention the location and transport infrastructure is very convenient.

The above are some assessments of the quality as well as demand for mid-range apartments in Hanoi today. Believe that this will be useful information for those who are intending to invest in apartments in the capital.Wish you find the project you like.

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