Assessment Position Of Masteri M-One Gia Dinh Go Vap Project

Where is Masteri M-One apartment in Go Vap? Please join us to learn and evaluate the strategic location of Masteri M-One Go Vap.

Never before has the location factor of the project been underestimated and underestimated, in any case. Even for professional investors, in order to select products that are lucrative, sometimes they only need to analyze one factor that is the location of the project. That is why, before deciding to pour capital into the Masteri M-One Go Vap, interested customers always put their position on the top of the list of things to find out.

If you are interested in the location of Masteri M-One in Go Vap and would like to study and at the same time consult a detailed analysis of the location of the project through the multi-dimensional perspective of real estate professionals, You can spend some time reflecting on the following short article:

M-One Go Vap project

In the end of the third quarter of 2017, Thao Dien Investment officially announced the sale of Masteri M-ONE project Gia Dinh Go Vap

In this article, we will help you determine the exact location of Masteri M-One Go Vap on the map of Go Vap District, and help you see the strengths as well as the associated regional advantage from the project. You can also get some of the most basic analysis of product evaluation, through the placement problem.

The location is exactly the Masteri-M-One project of Go Vap:

Masteri M-One Go Vap is a luxury apartment project belonging to the Masteri brand chain developed by Thao Dien Investment Group on a land fund of 2,486 sqm in the central area of Go Vap District. This is a special project that is highly regarded in terms of location, a few of the buildings are built right in the heart of the region’s longstanding residential neighborhood.

Specifically, Masteri M-One Go Vap is located at 12 Nguyen Binh Khiem, Ward 1, Go Vap District. Nguyen Binh Khiem Street is the route connecting Nguyen Van Dong Boulevard to Ba Chieu Market, which is the main traffic route in Go Vap where it can lead to many open and favorable roads.

M-One Go Vap

Google map maps describe the location of the M One Masteri project in Go Vap

For the sake of better visualization, you can refer to the project’s strategic linkage system through the following convenient connections:

– The project is 200m to the most beautiful internal road Ho Chi Minh City – Nguyen Van Dong. This is the backbone of Saigon, linking many districts in the city together, extending Thu Duc to Tan Son Nhat Airport.

– The project is only 5.8 hectares away from Gia Dinh Park and only 300 meters away from the Military Park 7. This is the place to provide green space for the whole area.

– Only 4 minutes to Tan Son Nhat Airport, 10 minutes to Eastern Bus Station.

– About connecting Districts: Masteri M-One Go Vap move 5 minutes to Phu Nhuan District, move 8 minutes to District 3 and 15 minutes to District 1, 12 minutes to Tan Binh District and 15 minutes to Tan Phu District…

With the advantageous regional link system, the Masteri M-One Go Vap project is easily picked up by many customers. Because of the projects that own the prime location in terms of transportation, utility outside the area, that project will always be ordered. Looking at the actual number of contacts involved in the current project may also have helped the client to better appreciate the potential of the project. You can refer to part 2 to update more information needed.

Evaluate the strategic location of Masteri M-One Go Vap:

M-One Go Vap

Location is convenient transportation and located in the existing residential area, making the value of Masteri M-One Go Vap more secure.

With the above analysis, it would be wise for the wise investors to have a good judgment on the project, and to make their own wise decisions. However, if you are new, take a moment to refer to the following brief reviews:

– Location is convenient transportation and located in the existing residential area, making the value of Masteri M-One Go Vap more secure. In the future, it may be that real estate prices in the project do not rise dramatically like in the East, but will definitely accelerate steadily over time. If you want a safe investment with clear legality and the clear schedule, Masteri M-One Go Vap is still the best choice.

– Go Vap District has the largest population growth rate in Saigon, the residents of the District are always crowded with all kinds of people from low to high level, middle-income people and high-income people, the elite. Choosing Masteri M-One Go Vap and exploiting the rental, is really a great suggestion. Because of the need for rent housing in this place is very large. Monthly steady earnings from rental will be the most stable investment channel.

– View from the view of the surrounding nature is beautiful and diverse. If you invest, you should choose a location in Binh Loi, Binh Loi, Sai Gon or Pham Van Dong view, green landscape … because the view is always cool.

Please contact directly, you will be specifically advised.

M-ONE Sales Dept. – Hotline: (+84) 898 898 688 (24/7).

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