Attraction From Glenwood MaiSon Position

The Glenwood Thao Dien project is ideally located adjacent to the Thao Dien area’s thrilling project. Let’s join with us to explore the attraction of this project location.

To assess the quality and potential as well as the attractiveness of a real estate project, we need insight from every angle. With today’s article, we will help you analyze the specifics of Glenwood Maison Thao Dien based on the perspective from the location. There is one thing we can be sure affirms, that this sharing is incorporate accurate information from the Frasers Centrepoint investor from Singapore, and An Duong Thao Dien from Vietnam, because of the information transparency, high reputation. If you are really interested in Glenwood Maison Thao Dien then take a moment to refer.

  1. Location of Glenwood Project Maison Thao Dien:

Glenwood Maison Thao Dien is the latest project officially developed by Frasers Centrepoint. This is a project implemented on the foundation of the previous project called G-Home was a very famous one. The place where Glenwood Maison will be located is a land of approximately 8,000 square meters in Thao Dien Ward, District 2. You can imagine the exact location of the project that will be next to Gateway Thao Dien and Master An Phu. At the same time the way the other projects hit a bit like The Nassim, Masteri Thao Dien. Because of the proximity and proximity to a number of well-known buildings, Glenwood Maison Thao Dien and his brothers and other rivals helped the Thao Dien area form a costly and expensive real estate complex nature. The Thao Dien area, which is inherently very expensive and expensive, is even more potent because of the powerful investment of a number of reputable developers (which we have just introduced above). Expected after completion, Glenwood Maison Thao Dien will provide Saigon residents with 300 luxurious apartments, more than 30 magnificent villas + low rise townhouses and 100 apartments for rent “to Then, in the Thao Dien area will appear a unique tower, 32-storey tower with solid base (5 floors) called Glenwood Maison Thao Dien . The project is truly a masterpiece of art developed under the hands of Frasers Centrepoint and An Duong Thao Dien, which is an excellent combination of Singaporean and Vietnamese architecture.

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 Glenwood Maison project

The location is Glenwood Maison project

2.The charm of Glenwood Maison Thao Dien from the perspective of the location:

From a positional perspective, it is not difficult to see the potential for excellence and special charm created by Glenwood Maison Thao Dien. However, for those who are new to East-City real estate to make it easier to assess potential, we would like to share some of the following: – First, location Glenwood Maison Thao Dien Project is very good for transportation. Specifically, from the place where Glenwood Maison was built, residents can easily get to wherever they want by a variety of means. Located in front of Ha Noi Highway (the city’s vital backbone route), it connects directly to An Phu railway station, Ben Thanh – Suoi Tien metro line, you can choose to move by Public transportation or private transportation to downtown District 1 with only 5 minutes. If you want to go to other locations all over Saigon, the distance traveled and the time period only varies from 10 -30 minutes in all directions. This is really a great advantage because, with the current situation of traffic in Saigon, traffic is always a matter of concern to everyone. This factor has boosted the value of Glenwood Maison Thao Dien by multiplying the number of apartments, together with the apartment projects in District 2. – In view, the project is located near the river (only 200m) Located between the green nature of Thao Dien’s inherent nature so the vision is always wide, impressive and interesting. You can see nature as soon as you live in the apartment, and also can see the whole city bustle at any time of the day. For those who have a romantic soul and enjoy watching unlimited things, Glenwood Maison Thao Dien is really an ideal living space. – The last thing we want to analyze is the great place. Of the project which is the existing external utility. Located in the Thao Dien area which is already vibrant and full of a royal life, obviously not talking about local utilities, only the existing facilities of the area alone is enough to create attraction. For Glenwood Maison Thao Dien, with a series of shopping centers, international hospitals, international schools and modern amusement parks … Perhaps the above analysis has partly helped you better understand the benefits From the location of Glenwood Maison Thao Dien, for the further advice you can connect with us. Besides the Glenwood Maison project, you can also refer to the project of Sensation Capitaland Thao Dien area.

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