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Ben Van Don: The Heart Of The Real Estate Market District 4

Located in the central core of Ho Chi Minh City, District 4 is becoming an attractive destination for many real estate investors. In particular, Ben Van Don street is considered as a bright spot for investors with a series of projects such as Masteri Millennium, Grand Riverside, The Tresor, RiverGate, Saigon Royal, …

Ben Van Don: “emerging” area of the real estate market

Surrounded by the Ben Nghe, Te Canal and Saigon River, it was time for District 4 to be considered an “oasis” that did not attract the attention of investors. However, several years ago, when the traffic infrastructure has been invested relatively synchronously, easy connection with District 1, District 2, District 7, this area is becoming an ideal location. Developing high-end real estate projects.

In addition, District 4 is planned by the City People’s Committee in the expanded center with an area of 930ha with many large projects. It can be said that District 4 is creating a new trend for the concept of “center”, no longer encapsulated in District 1.

real estate market District 4
Complete infrastructure at Ben Van Don promotes real estate development

Prominent in District 4 is the Ben Van Don road – where not only is considered the Long strip of an expensive circuit with 3 sides bordering the river. Ben Van Don is a quiet green street opposite District 1 financial center just a few steps across the bridge spanning the Tau Hu-Ben Nghe canal.

In the past, District 4 has poor transport infrastructure, frequent congestion and unsecured security. However, when the real estate fever of the city took place, together with District 1 and Saigon South new urban district 7, District 4 was put on a new look. The change is most noticeable at the Ben Van Don road, where in recent years it has become a hot spot for many to watch.

Ben Van Don has a width of 25 m and a length of 2.665 m, a small park along the Ben Nghe River, the first point is Ben Nha Rong, the last stop at Nguyen Van Cu Bridge. At present, this is the quietest green street in district 4, opposite District 1 financial center.

On traffic, from Van Don crossing the Calmette, Khanh Hoi, Nguyen Van Cu and Ong Lanh bridges (in the future there are Long Kiep, Tran Dinh Xu and Nguyen Khoai bridges) to District 1, District 3. If To go to District 2, people just go further along Ton Dan Street to Thu Thiem3 Bridge.

Projects to change the face of Ben Van Don District 4

Among the big investors are implementing projects in District 4, it can be seen that Novaland Group is a real estate investor with many beautiful projects located mainly on the Ben Van Don road. Specifically, the road to the Ong Lien bridge and connecting to the highway Vo Van Kiet, Novaland Corporation owns the Galaxy 9 (handed over and put into use) and the RiverGate complex. At the foot of Ong Lanh bridge (this project is under construction).

real estate market District 4
Rivergate Complex

Also in the area of Khanh Hoi Bridge and Nha Rong Port, Novaland is also home to three projects: Icon 56 Apartments, The Tresor Complex and the newest Saigon Royal Complex. All three projects are located on Ben Van Don street, specifically Icon 56 (56 Ben Van Don); The Tresor (39 Ben Van Don); Saigon Royal (34 – 35 Ben Van Don).

Not far from Saigon Royal, the alliance of Hong Ha Company and Tien Phat Company are also cooperating to invest in the Grand Riverside project in Ben Van Don. The project has 22 storey with a total of 240 apartments.

Next to Grand Riverside is TNR Holdings Group’s The Gold View project under construction.

real estate market District 4
The Gold View project

In particular, Thao Dien Investment and Phat Dat JSC introduced the Masteri Millennium apartment project. Prior to that, Phat Dat completed the procedure to reclaim 132 Ben Van Don land area from Nguyen Kim Investment and Development Joint Stock Company to develop this project. By the end of November 2017, the Masteri Millennium project was commissioned by the contractor and is expected to be handed over to residents in May 2018.

real estate market District 4
Masteri Millennium apartment project

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