Buy Land On Handwritten – It Is Effect Officially!

Decree 01/2017 was issued by the State of 06/01/2017 and officially took effect on 03 March 2017. Accordingly, Decree 01 amending and supplementing a number of decrees, detailed regulations related to the implementation of a land law.

In particular, the series of administrative procedures are reduced or modified to create conditions for individuals and real estate investors to develop. Especially, the decision to legalize the sale of houses and land with the paper hand in accordance with Decree 01 resolved some of the worries of millions of Vietnamese people when buying land without a red book.

Legalize the purchase of a house by hand according to Decree 01/2017

Pursuant to the provisions of Clause 54, Article 2, Decree 01, the case of people buying and selling land and papers before July 1, 2014, shall be considered for issuance of red books. Filing as well as implementing administrative procedures will be carried out by the current land user.

Accordingly, people are using land; Donated, transferred or bought land, bought a paper house hand from January 1, 2008 to before July 1, 2014, and documents on land use rights, the certificate of land use rights Own property and other assets attached to the land without the need to carry out procedures for the transfer of land use rights.

Sale of land by handwritten paper

The land is transferred before 1 July 2014 granted a certificate of land ownership

On the other hand, if people have bought land by hand before January 1, 2008, if they have not yet been granted the land use right certificate, they can still file and carry out procedures for land use right transfer.

With the legitimacy of buying a house with hand paper, Decree 01 has somewhat removed the concerns and concerns of residents about the ownership and legal basis for their property.

Compared with the two times of land use rights in 2007 and 2014, Decree 01 has taken a new step in shortening and facilitating people to legalize hand paper without the need. must pass the old master. This work has helped people save time and money, on the other hand, implementation agencies also proceed faster and in the correct order.

In order to be granted a certificate, the user of the house or land to the People’s Committee of the commune, ward or township where the house or land is located for registration, the dossier-receiving official shall have to guide the people to carry out the procedures according to regulations on a case by case basis.

Sale of land by handwritten paper

People come to the local People’s Committee to apply for a certificate

However, in cases where the land use purpose is not in line with the approved planning, or housing projects with hand paper but built after the planned date of issuance will not be issued a certificate…

Apply for registration and issue certificate of land and house ownership with hand paper

Order of registration and issuance of land ownership certificate

To legalize the administrative procedures when buying a house with paper hand. The land user will carry out the procedures for registration of the first certificate of land ownership by submitting the application file for the certificate of land ownership at the commune, ward or township People’s Committee or the land registration Office.

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After receiving dossiers, the commune-level People’s Committees shall have to certify in the dossiers on the current land use status (origin, time of land use, a status of disputes, land funds violating the planning …) 100 of the 2013 Land Law.

The land registration office is responsible for checking the cadastral measurement or for extracting and measuring the parcel of land; Sending cadastral data to tax authorities to determine and notify financial obligations, except for cases where they are not subject to pay; Prepare documents to submit for certification.

Sale of land by handwritten paper

District People’s Committees have the responsibility to issue land ownership certificates

After the application is approved, the people’s committee of the district will have the authority and responsibility to issue the certificate of land ownership to the people.

About the application file for the issuance of a certificate of land ownership

Land users should prepare the following documents:

Application for registration, issuance of certificates of land use rights, ownership of houses and other assets attached to land.

Documents for a performance of financial obligations; Documents related to the exemption or reduction of financial obligations on land and assets attached to land (if any).

Relevant documents in case of registration of ownership of assets attached to land.

Some other papers in accordance with Articles 31, 32, 33, 34 and 100 of the Land Law

It can be said that legalizing buying and selling houses on paper is a right decision of our State in the period of real estate development blooming today. By examining and issuing a certificate of land ownership, on the one hand, the state assists the people to supplement the management of the assets they own on the other hand to monitor the housing situation for allocation purposes. or more plausible planning in the future.

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