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Buy Many State-Owned Houses

Question: – I have rented a state house for nearly 20 years. We are entitled to buy state houses under Decree 60 / CP before, but it is still not approved. Then, I heard that the State has not approved the sale of the house under Decree 61 / CP. Please ask, how is that? And how is the sale of state-owned houses done?   

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Answer: – This is the policy of selling state-owned old houses as stipulated in Decree 34 dated 22-4-2013 of the Government (effective from 6-6-2013, replacing Decree 61 / CP in 1994). Under Decree 34, buyers of old houses are not required to have the permanent residence. Persons who are permanently residing in any place are also considered to buy a home. Previously, the State sells houses in accordance with Decree 61 mandating the buyer must have a household registration in the province or city where the house is located.

Buy many state-owned houses
In the case of sale of one-storied houses in multi-family dwelling houses or multi-story dwelling houses with a large area for common use

In addition, Decree 34 does not restrict the number of homes per person purchased under the state-owned home sales policy. If a person is renting a house and wants to buy it, the State still sells it according to the state-owned house purchase mechanism as prescribed. However, many homeowners are only entitled to a one-time homeowner’s discount or homeowner’s policy.

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According to Decree 34, the selling price of the old house is determined based on the time of use. Persons who are renting houses to be used for houses from November 27, 1992 to July 5, 1994 (the date of promulgation of Decree No. 61) shall be sold at the price equal to 40% of the land price prescribed by the State at the time of sale. Those who are renting houses to be used from July 5, 1994 to January 19, 2007, the selling prices shall be equal to 100% of the land prices set by the State at the time of sale. The cases are arranged using from January 19, 2007, and later are not resolved.

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