Central Nha Trang Attracts Tourists With Its Own Way

In the race to sell condominiums in Nha Trang, many investors are ready to pioneer the adoption of open, sustainable design to create their own mark. Together in the golden time to buy hotel apartments, this has helped them succeed in creating trust and attracting customers.

Positioning differentiated products on the market

If the major constraint for the condotel market today is the conceptual design of the project in general quite similar, the investor Ocean Gate has opened its own way, built into the highlight, to help The product is positioned differently than the competition. More detail is the variety of flat products thanks to its open design.

Ocean Gate project

80% of Ocean Gate apartments have sea view

According to this design, the apartment will not have to build walls before finishing and help save costs and easily adjust the area as you want. For example, an apartment was originally designed to have a large area, but later on due to the diverse needs of the owner should split the apartment to take advantage of the capacity by combining the core and structure of Open design helps to split or expand the apartment is very simple without affecting the structure of the building. What the conventional design has been latched on to make is very difficult to adjust.

This open design also makes the Ocean Gate project very successful in sales because buyers receive real value from the apartment and value added in the future. Particularly, Ocean Gate has more than 80% of the sea view apartments from the balcony bringing the balance between people and nature. Cool air from the sea with a large, green view which brings an experience of a classy resort life for the owner and raises the value of the apartment.

Ocean Gate project

In the world, Condotel (Condo – Hotel) is a very popular hotel apartment investment model that entrepreneurs, politicians,…

Ocean Gate continues to earn points for investors and buyers to stay because in the future a green park and yards to send the underground car to 5 hectares of Nha Trang city will be planned to replace the stadium 19-8 close to the project. This means that Ocean Gate, along with the Dam market expansion project, will become an entertainment hub that will attract local people and tourists to Nha Trang. In addition, the 5-hectare park next door will bring the green space and fresh air to the people of the city in general and residents of the Ocean Gate in particular.

Golden time to buy hotel apartments at attractive prices

Many experts, with the growth rate of tourism and the speed of urbanization as now, have created new opportunities for Nha Trang, and bring the potential for the accommodation here. In the context of 3-5 star hotels in the shortage area, a real estate property suitable for business hotel rental in the heart of Nha Trang city has brought rare investment opportunities.  Especially when the price of condominiums in Vietnam today is only about half the price compared to the island of Phuket (Thailand).

The prospect of a double-digit growth rate in the resort market is expected to bring a new breath to the resort real estate market, especially in areas where infrastructure is changing significantly as Nha Trang city. Including Cam Ranh International Airport extension project, Deo Ca tunnel project, relocation of the provincial administrative center out of the center…and a series of projects simultaneously.

Ocean Gate project

This open design also makes the Ocean Gate project very successful in sales because buyers receive real value from the apartment and value added in the future.

Being among the notable projects in the recent Nha Trang market, Ocean Gate is officially open for sale on 11/11. When completed, the project will provide 263 residential apartments priced at 34 million VND / sqm, lower than the average of 50 million VND / sqm of coastal projects in the same location in Nha Trang.

Although November 11 officially announced, now has a large number of registered customers are allowed to buy apartments, most of the customers from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City special. Customers from the Central Highlands like Da Lat, Daklak. According to the announcement from the investor, customers who buy apartments in the project in addition to the number of annual leave are also promised attractive profits.

It is known that Ocean Gate is the first project in Nha Trang market to open when it has qualified for sale including building and finishing license, basement and even finished floor 2. It is considered as a sure step of investor Van Phong to win the trust of customers. Representatives of this investor also said: “With strong financial strength, we want to bring our customers quality apartment products, application of new structural design help the construction and delivery of the right this ensures the interests of home buyers.”

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