Convenient Life In Jamila Khang Dien

Jamila Khang Dien High-end Apartment project has not yet been put into  use, but with its convenience as well as favorable location, Jamila Khang Dien has attracted a lot of real estate investors as well as residents having buying housing demand.

Jamila Khang Dien project is invested by Khang Dien. It is built and promoted for residents to help them to have the most comfortable life, the fullest life in this place.

  1. Advantageous location

Jamila Khang Dien

Geography is convenient of Jamila Khang Dien

Jamila Khang Dien is extremely convenient for moving among the surrounding areas as well as the important districts. The project is located in the center of District 9 and has front of the Song Hanh highway and the well-known project The Venica, so the movement is extremely convenient.

  1. The system of utility services is strongly invested

Unlike many other residential condominiums focusing on the design of the apartment, Jamila Khang Dien has been harmoniously combined the general space with private space for residents living here. Khang Dien’s investor provides future residents a system of 50 standard services that meet the needs of modern life.

Jamila Khang Dien

The service system meets modern life of Jamila Khang Dien

50 utility services of Jamila Khang Dien are geared towards amusement space, relaxation space and many modern services. Specific services that the project focuses on promoting investment such as:

– Swimming pool with 852sqm in total area, the lake water is always cleaned as well as processed with the newest technology to ensure the health of the user. Large swimming pool, standard sanitation will become a place to relax after tired working hours as well as to relieve the heat of the summer.

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– Park: The area of the park is designed the whole project, this will become the place to help residents live here having the moment of fitness, freshness and enjoyment of fresh air that trees bring.

– Utility services such as outdoor playing area for young children to have space for running, playing, relaxing and helping them to have more leisure space after studying weeks to prepare well for the next weeks.

– The kindergarten system is in the apartment which will make it easier for children to move to their school.

Jamila Khang Dien

The service system meets modern life

– The gym, yoga room, beauty center … with standard equipment as well as the professional bodybuilding teacher. This utility of the project helps residents get the best training space to maintain health.

– Shopping center in the second floor of the project: fully equipped with all modern equipment and fresh food to serve the shopping needs of residents to be most convenient.

– Luxurious drink and food area: BBQ restaurant with many delicious dishes prepared by skilled chefs will help families and people have a clean, delicious and special dining space.

– Elevator system: The contractor is equipped with a standard elevator system, which helps to move up and down among floors faster, safer and more convenient. The system of multiple lifts helps residents not to rush too much when going to work or coming back to home. This is a big plus point for the project.

– The spacious parking area is divided into some areas to help keep the car as well as leave the car of the residents most convenient with 24/24 security staff to help secure the property of residents.

– The whole Jamila Khang Dien project is protected quite strictly, to get inside the apartment needs through many security gates such as the entrance to the main gate, the main gate guard, the entrance to the lobby, the whole apartments such as the location of the lobby, elevator … equipped with 24/24 camera.

With a well-equipped service life system, Jamila Khang Dien promises to be an ideal home for families.

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