Customers Are “Hunting” Condotel Mid-range, Permanently Owned

In the context of real estate market (real estate) prices are quite high, the project announced a medium price, a legal red book is clearly seen as “exit” solution for investment problems for customers. Ocean View – Queen Pearl Mui Ne is an example.

“Gambling” in paradise

According to research by Tanzanite International Group, the oceanfront apartments in Vietnam are currently priced at $ 2,700-3,000 per square meter, five-star apartments at $ 3,500 per square meter, beachfront villas costing up to a million USD and the shortage of supply in the position of moving takes 2-3 hours from Ho Chi Minh City.

“Hunt” medium-term condotel, possession forever – photo 1The real estate project has legal clarity, middle price as Ocean View – Queen Pearl Mui Ne easy to “smoke” guests

“When you spend about $ 1 million to buy a sea mansion, how long will it take to get the capital?”, This is the question that before deciding on the investment one must set out.

Customers are"hunting" condotel mid-range, permanently owned

The real estate project has clear legal status, medium price as Ocean View – Queen Pearl Mui Ne easy to “smoke” guests.

In addition to high cost, resort property still has some limitations. In the condotel segment and concerns over supply, although continuing to confirm condotel supply in Vietnam is still in control and potential due to the speed of tourism development is very strong but experts expressed concern two problems.

That is the situation of all the condotel projects have not been granted pink book and the story of risk-averse commitment of investors. Not only the condotel market, the sea villa projects located in commercial tourism areas are still legally troubling and pledged to profit.

A market research expert has expressed concern that most condominium projects offer a profit margin in Vietnam at the time of construction. So what to verify the commitment problem is positive or not. In addition, the legal limit is 50 years, if after 10 years of use, buyers want to “out” is not good, let alone profit.

Wise problem

Ocean View – Queen Pearl Mui Ne has announced in early December with the price of only 868 million, payment in 15 months is becoming the focus for real estate investors. Including the cost of building a house on the ground floor 2 floors will not exceed 2.2 billion.

According to DKRA Vietnam Joint Stock Company, Ocean View is a resort town with a prime location. Only after a week of publication, Ocean View – Queen Pearl Mui Ne has attracted hundreds of interested customers to find out.

The “mid-term” condotel hunter – 2Ocean View – Queen Pearl Mui Ne just meets the legal criteria, mid-range price, prime location is welcome wave of infrastructure

Customers are"hunting" condotel mid-range, permanently owned

Ocean View – Queen Pearl Mui Ne just meet the legal criteria, medium price, prime location is welcome wave of infrastructure

Especially getting the certificate of permanent possession of the sea is a good help Ocean View – Queen Pearl Mui Ne value.

With outstanding advantages such as location right at the gate of the “Capital Resort” of Vietnam, owning more than 1 km on the front of Nguyen Thong, near the airport, 18 hole golf course, fishing village … Ocean View – Queen of Mui Ne is expected to become an attractive stop for visitors to Mui Ne.

In addition, investors can seek high profit from buying and selling in the secondary market thanks to a series of information infrastructure has been “entering” Phan Thiet – Mui Ne.

Accordingly, Nguyen Thong road is expanding to 4 lanes with 25m width. Phan Thiet Airport has been agreed to upgrade to International Air Transport (4E), which is expected to operate in 2018-2019. Recently, the Prime Minister asked the Ministry of Transport to implement the project of Dau Giay – Phan Thiet expressway as soon as possible. When going into operation, Dau Giay – Phan Thiet expressway will shorten the time from Ho Chi Minh City to Phan Thiet only 2 hours drive. This continues to be good news for Phan Thiet in general and Ocean View project – Queen Pearl Mui Ne in particular.

Having solved the need for sustainable investment, but has potential profitability, but at mid-price, Ocean View – Queen Pearl is the solution that many investors are looking for.

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