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Demand For Renting Houses In District 8 Increased Sharply – Great Opportunity For Investors

Still, need to rent a house, but instead of renting rooms as before, many renters in District 8 choose to rent a house.

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This year, residential projects in District 8 also developed quite well, but besides the demand for the apartment building, the demand for housing in District 8 is still quite high. It is worth mentioning that if many rooms have fallen into a humid environment, renting a house is extremely expensive.

Renting a house in District 8: Expanding customer base

The tenants in District 8 were mainly workers from the province, moved up or newly married couple but not enough to buy a house. In District 8, there is the only one University of Technology worth noting is Saigon University, so the number of students is not too much. However, because of the borders of District 5, District 6, District 4, District 7, Binh Tan District, the number of students flocked to District 8 rent also increased significantly.

Previously, the rent of District 8 in a primitive way was mostly a family of young couples or a group of employees focused on renting together. Some small companies also rent a home for their office or home. In general, the demand for rented rooms is still higher, and investors are still concentrating on this segment.

Rent house in District 8
Many moved from motel to rented house

But in recent times, the need for rent-seeking has increased significantly, partly because the population moved to District 8 to earn a living, in part because the customer segment of this segment changed. Obviously, not only people who work, young families but students love to rent like this. The number of small offices sprouting up on a lot also makes renting a home often burnt.

Convenient for both renters and renters but still inadequate

First of all, we look at the lessor, the management will be much easier because when renting a house, there will be an individual to hire and be responsible for the payment of rent and electricity water monthly. At that time, the landlord of District 8 only needs to make a contract and work with 1 person, no need to spend a lot of time managing a room.

In addition, predominant rental properties typically have to pay rent up to three months in advance, so the likelihood of a homeowner losing money is also lower.

Rent house in District 8
Renting a home helps owners manage more easily

On the lessee’s side, renting a home is often more cost-effective. If a room rents from VND1 million to 3 million per month, they can rent a whole house 2 – 3 floors with the price from VND4 million to VND8 million per month. Meanwhile, the home has many other amenities such as parking, cooking stove, common living room on the first floor. Many homeowners also fully equipped furniture such as the bed, furniture, washing machine, refrigerator, air conditioner … Finders just bring furniture to finish.

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Mr.Nguyen Anh Tuan, an owner of a small company, has just rented a three-story house in District 8 for VND5 million a month. The first floor is used as a parking lot for staff and reception, second floor for office, and third floor for work, activity and rest. So, compared to renting an office outside, renting a home is much cheaper.

Rent house in District 8
Renting a home as an office helps to save money

However, there are now many cases of renting raw materials, then renting rooms at higher prices to spite. In fact, the tenant has the right to sublet the property he has rented but must be approved by the landlord. In terms of this angle, it is clear that the landlord is suffering. In that case, the landlord can refer to the law.

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