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Detailed Instructions On Steps To Take When Selling Apartments

You have an apartment, but for some reason, such as moving to another place or buying a townhouse, you decide to sell your own apartment. But for the first time selling a home, you certainly do not know where to start.

There are many ways to sell your apartment, but the sum usually goes through the following five steps:

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The first step when selling apartments: Prepare the legal documents of the apartment you own

An apartment if there are legal papers, most importantly, the purchase contract or the pink book, will definitely get the attention and favor from the buyers. It is easy to understand because these legal papers are the number one guarantee and guarantee for the safety of an apartment or home. Try to think, between the two apartments with full legal papers and a home only bill payment, customers will choose the basis. Therefore, before deciding to sell your apartment, you need to gather and list how many types of documents pertaining to the apartment.

selling apartments
You need to prepare all the papers for the apartment before selling

Some types of documents are required such as sales contract, land title certificate and assets attached to land (if any), detailed drawings of the apartment and some types of invoices on the items paid fees …

The second step when selling apartments: Choose a reputable real estate trading floor to send

Unlike the sale of terraced houses, the sale of apartments is quite complicated because some of the terms from the project owner can be entangled. Of course, you can still sell your own apartment, but certainly, the time will be long. Meanwhile, if you sell an apartment through a property trading floor, it will be much easier. Besides the benefits of selling your apartment faster thanks to the knowledge of the market and the availability of available resources, brokers also help you deal with issues relating to legal issues. , procedure. Your task is to provide information about your property to them and wait for the appointment and negotiate with the client.

However, Vietnam real estate notes you are not willing to wear your “fate” apartment for any property office. Consider carefully the selection of prestigious units to ensure your apartment is traded quickly and efficiently, avoiding problems or disputes later.

selling apartments
Real estate brokers will assist you in the process of selling your home as well as advising on the procedures for you

The third step when selling apartments: Determine the price of your apartment to be reasonable

Normally, your apartment will be priced by the market, in this step you need the advice of experienced real estate brokers, who understand the market and price segment. Your apartment, so they will know how to put the most reasonable number for your apartment. Alternatively, you can see how to price an apartment from Vietnam real estate, or study your own pricing based on the following suggestions:

  • Refer to the prices of similar apartments for the same project, the same location or area, preferably the most recent real estate transactions.
  • Find out the price information on the apartment on the website specializing in selling apartments or through the media.
  • Refer to the land price list of the district …

The Fourth step when selling apartments: Meet buyers and negotiate

After finding partnerships with real estate agents, you will get results in a few days and go to meet buyers to negotiate. Make sure you know the product price and the market situation of that product segment in the market to make the most accurate decisions. It’s best to have real estate agents negotiate on your behalf, which is both objective and time-saving.

In property transactions there are several types of fees that both parties need to clarify before signing the contract:

  • Property transfer fee (2% of contract value)
  • Notarization contract
  • Fee in the name of the contract
selling apartments
Get help from the broker in the negotiation process

The fifth step when selling apartments: Get a deposit and sign a contract

When the two parties have agreed and agreed to the sale, you (as the seller) will receive a deposit of information from the buyer, usually about 5 – 10% of the contract value. With this deposit, you can authorize the real estate brokerage you sign up with to ensure your legal status.

After the contract notarization procedures, pay taxes … you determine the appointment of the investor to change the name of the contract to the buyer (This job can work commissioned property trading floor you deposit products, they can do it instead of you. In addition, you can see how to make a safe home purchase from Vietnam real estate.

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