Diamond Lotus Project In District 10 Reaches The Green Standard

Diamond Lotus in District 10 is planned and developed investment by Phuc Khang. Let be with Vietnam Real Estate to discover the panoramic view of Green Apartment reaching the America standard at Diamond Lotus Green World Bac Hai project.

LEED is an important standard that construction works in the United States pay great attention because when it has the certificate of LEED standard, that project will be recognized as Living Green Apartment. In Viet Nam, Diamond Lotus Green World project in District 10, invested by Phuc Khang Corporation, has prided itself on achieving this standard and the LOTUS standard of VGBC (Vietnam). It owns two special criteria, this project is highly appreciated by experts, and many customers are interested in living space in there.

LEED – Geen Apartment Standard – New standard of modern life at Diamond Lotus in District 10

Diamond Lotus Project

Diamond Lotus District 10 is of international standard

Diamond Lotus in District 10, invested by Phuc Khang, is no stranger to Sai Gon residents. Through the two previous projects: Diamond Lotus Lake View and Diamond Lotus Riverside, Phuc Khang has proved the luxury living space. Therefore, when Diamond Lotus Green World project was introduced in late 2016, the project immediately set up a large number of customers interested.

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Be of the luxury Diamond Lotus strain towards the Green Living, Green World in District 10 as well as the older brothers were also developed by Phuc Khang and were designed for the US Leed standard. This is the new standard of modern life to determine whether the building is truly Green Living, environmentally friendly and fuel efficient or not.

It can be said that in Viet Nam, except Diamond Lotus of Phuc Khang, none of the projects achieve the most accurately LEED criteria from the US, not to mention the LOTUS standard of Viet Nam. With the current global climate change and the threatened environment, Phuc Khang’s investment is very respectful, it demonstrates the humanity in the way it operates and demonstrates the depth of strategic vision as well as mission.

With a large urban area with social – economic rapid growth as Ho Chi Minh City, Phuc Khang’s investment in Green projects (Diamond Lotus Green World is the most recently) is necessary for the present context. Diamond Lotus Green World project is appreciated be the Diamond Lotus pioneer strain in the green lifestyle trend, reach Leadership in Energy and Environment Design standard in the US. It will surely be the best project to provide Sai Gon residents with an ideal living space, harmony of nature and environmentally friendly.

Analyze Green Apartment criteria that Diamond Lotus in District 10 achieved:

Diamond Lotus Project

Green living, blending with nature at the Diamond Lotus apartment project District 10

To help you better understand the Green criteria that the project is implementing, we will analyze in detail the following aspects:

–           Green View: Diamond Lotus Green World project was implemented by Phuc Khang on a land bank of 108.500 sqm in District 10. With such a large area of land, Green World is larger than its predecessors in Tan Phu District and District 8. This means that Green World will have more ecological green spaces, with many implemented landscapes that reduce the temperature of the apartment and purify the air. The density of construction in this place is very low so it does not cause a feeling of heat and stuffiness.

–           Green Energy: According to the LEED standard of the US, Green apartment must be built equipped with smart water-electronic equipment to save energy as much as possible, ensure clean space. This also contributes to the protection of the environmental resource, because of wasting resource, you are directly impacting negatively the environment.

–           Green Materials: all materials used by Phuc Khang to create Diamond Lotus Green World project are green and recyclable. This is the important criteria set in LEED.

–           Green Air: the apartments in the project are designed by open space, with 90% of the area exposed to nature so when you live in Green World, you will see the whole scene of Ho Chi Minh City. Moreover, you breathe the most natural air without worrying about pollution because the ecological landscape with the LEED standard is the air conditioner purifies the air the most effectively.

In addition to the impressive Green criteria, Diamond Lotus Green World project is highly appreciated with building Green culture from the community. For all of these factors, you can refer to the previous Diamond Lotus projects of Phuc Khang for the most comprehensive view.

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A happy life is awaiting you at Diamond Lotus Green World. Be one of the first members of Green World and enjoy the ideal environment of international standard.

In addition to the Diamond Lotus project in District 10, another project in the South of Sai Gon is built with the Green standard is Kenton Node apartment.

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