Discovering 8 Functional Areas At Thu ThiemUrban Area

Thu Thiem urban area is located on the Saigon River, opposite the center of District 1 with a total area of 657 hectares. This is a special project approved by Ho Chi Minh City with the purpose of exploiting the maximum potential of Thu Thiem to transform into the center of the city as District 1.

The key point of the whole Thu Thiem project is to build a synchronous infrastructure.

Thu Thiem urban area consists of 8 functional areas. Each functional area has its own characteristics. When viewed from above, Thu Thiem located in the new center of Saigon is in the process of change and development.

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Functional Area 1 in the north of the Center is a commercial and multi-purpose center. The tallest buildings are located along the arc road and Central Square, and its heights decreased toward the Saigon River and the central lake. Important public buildings in Functional Area 1 are the Exhibition and Conference Center and a pedestrian bridge which is used to cross the 1st Channel and connected to the Museum, Planning and Information Center and Symphony Theatre.

Functional Area 2 in the South of the Center is a complex with commercial, multi-functional, sports and recreational functions. The entire area is divided into 3 subdivisions including 2a to the north of the East-West Highway, 2b to the observation tower complex and 2c to the sports and entertainment complex. High rise buildings designed as those in Functional Area 1 are also located along the arc road and the Square. The highlight buildings are the School Complex and Administrative Center, a observation tower, multipurpose stadium and gymnasium and school and local administration center.

Functional Area 3 – there are  a commercial center and residential areas built lower construction density than those on the Saigon River and Lake Center. Important public buildings in functional area 3 are the Museum opposite the Exhibition and Conference Center and the school.

Functional Area 4 is a residential area in the north of Thu Thiem. Special works in Functional Area 4 are three schools, community centers, fire stations and fuel stations, and local administration.

Functional Area 5 includes public works located in the north of the East-West Boulevard; residential areas having low population density in the area of the South of the East-West Boulevard; and commercial works along the East-West Highway and the North-South. The highlight is the Children’s Palace and the Urban Administration Building and the Fuel Station and Community Center.

Functional Area 6 is located along East-West Boulevard and in between the natural canals of Thu Thiem. It is expected that the software park will be located in the North of the East-West Boulevard. This will be an important place for economic activities and informational and technological research. There is the International Hospital next to it, whose location will provide quick and easy access to the hospital from areas inside and outside Thu Thiem. In the South of the East-West Boulevard is built a functional block including commercial blocks along the main corridor, behind which is a quiet area and has lower construction density. The whole area is arranged public transportation such as bus or subway line to the station at Hospital and Software Park.

Functional Area 7 is located to the east of Thu Thiem, including the following functions:

The complex in the East: it is being built and developed with medium-rise or high-rise buildings designed full of infrastructure and public service.

Resort area in the Southern Delta: it is harmonious with the natural conditions of Thu Thiem. It is specifically designed to ensure privacy as well as connection to the rest of the project.

Marina Yacht Complex: it is at the intersection of Ca Tre canal and Sai Gon River. There are a variety of Yachts to serve passenger. Around the port is expected to have a complex of commercial areas such as shops, restaurants, resorts, etc.

Functional Area 8 is the most diversified ecological development area in Thu Thiem urban area. Most of this area is mangroves, and it has navigational routes and development projects must be considered to conserve this important area.

Briefly, Thu Thiem Urban Area promises to be the smart, convenient and most important urban area in District 2 of Ho Chi Minh City.

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