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Discovering “Luxury 6” Apartment Of Vinhomes Ba Son Project

Luxury 6 apartment

Discover Luxury 6 – the most luxurious apartment of Vinhomes Ba Son.

Luxury 6 is the leading luxury apartment building in Vinh Son Ba Son project invested by Vingroup. Besides, Luxury 6 fully meets the criteria of space and environment ideal for all customers.

Vinhomes Ba Son or Vinhomes Golden River is the key real estate project of Vingroup Group in Ho Chi Minh City with the desire to create a new living space in the center of the city. The project is subdivided into three subdivisions: The Aqua, The Front and The Luxury, along with a special subdivision for luxury residences is The Victoria.

Luxury 6 is located in The Luxury District comprising of 6 luxury apartment complexes from Luxury 1 to Luxury 6. This property is known as one of the leading luxury condominiums in the eco-urban area of Vinhomes Ba Son District 1 now. This high-end apartment building is not only prominent in the project but also fully integrates elements of a 5-star luxury apartment in the uppermost urban area of Saigon.

Central location with million-dollar visibility

If the Vinhomes Ba Son project attracts customers and real estate investment because of its central location in the heart of District 1 with two adjacent important roads: Nguyen Huu Canh and Ton Duc Thang, two sides hug Along the banks of the Saigon River. Luxury 6 shows a prominent position in the center of the project with a million-dollar vision. From the apartment, the residents can zoom in many beautiful areas of the city such as the beautiful green hills of Botanic Garden, the romantic Saigon River. The beautiful riverside park of The Vinhomes Central Park project next door is the modern landmark 81 tower.

In addition, with the emphasis on natural space designed by two of the world’s leading design consultancy groups, Gensler and EDSA, residents of Luxury 6 can enjoy the ecological environment, which is perfect in the modern urban top like Vinh Son Ba Son. At the foot of luxury Luxury 6 is the lake landscape and large green park to help regulate the climate and create fresh air for residents here. Not only that, from the balcony of the apartments, families can direct sight to the low-rise villas, riverside area and enjoy the feeling of relaxation and peaceful moments. Farther from the center of District 1, the glittering lights of District 1 sparkle with the vibrant and hectic pace of Ho Chi Minh City at night.

Luxury 6 apartment
Overview Luxury 6 of Vinhomes Central Park project in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

The location of Luxury 6 is also considered to be the place where the winds converge with fierce feng shui and convenient transportation by Vinhomes Ba Son in the position connected to the arterial roads in the city. This helps residents to move smoothly while quickly accessing essential amenities for life. It can be said that the position and vision of Luxury 6 is the golden value.

Experience 5 stars luxury and class

Luxury 6 apartment is not only worth a million dollar vision but the main value of the apartment is in the system of utilities inside and outside the apartment to the high standard of luxury and class. With a total height of 50 floors, the density of the floor area of the apartment is limited to about 10 units/floor with the professional security system, 3 basement cars wide and 8 high-speed continuous operations ensuring the residents here a safe, comfortable and really comfortable life. Not only that, luxury apartments in Luxury 6 are also designed with three types of apartments, including one to three bedroom apartments, serviced apartments and villas on a level to meet the different living spaces need to customers.

What makes the quality of life outstanding in Luxury Apartments District 6 is the high-end furniture with complete equipment before delivery to customers. The furniture is imported directly from the famous five-star brand on the world like Hansgrohe, Bosch or Duravit. Combined with the furniture is the state-of-the-art intelligent housing technology and European-style water purification systems. Moreover, air-cooled central and special Low-E glass floor are also installed in the whole complex with heat resistance and effective light transmission.

Luxury 6 apartment
Model apartment of Luxury 6 apartment in Vinhomes Ba Son District 1

The luxury and class of Luxury 6 not only rests on interior and architecture but also extends to both the landscape and external facilities. Residents of the area enjoy the most varied and high-end facilities, including a shopping center system, restaurant system, BBQ area, golf course, gym and fitness room. Outside, there is the health care system, school system comes with a standard pool, multipurpose patio or children’s playground. Meanwhile, the richness of the landscape is reflected in the fact that the owner of Vingroup spends the majority of the project area on natural and tree density with a system of parks, flower gardens and lakes. Luxury 6 apartment in Vinhomes Ba Son is also located next to the large world garden with an area of over 2,700 sqm with paradise tropical gardens and fountains. In addition, from the apartment, residents can quickly move to the marina area that celebrates the cradle of upscale living along with the river-view observation deck for intriguing urban experiences in Ho Chi Minh City on the banks of the river.

Thus, with the expensive vision along with furniture, natural scenery and luxurious system, Luxury 6 deserves the most prestigious apartment building in the current Vinhomes Ba Son project. This place not only brings ideal living space for the residents but also contribute to create a modern lifestyle, crystal-clear luxury living comparable to the modern cities leading the world.

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