District 9 “Wake Up” The East Is More Vibrant In HCMC

 Back on the East-City axis, when the strategic gateway exploded and accelerated with VND 250,000 billion to build infrastructure, District 9 immediately became a hot spot for interest due to its potential and advantages.

District 9 has a natural area of 11,362 hectares with 126,220 people at its inception. District 9 is located in the east of Ho Chi Minh City, about 7 km north of the city center along the Hanoi Highway, Nhon Trach District in Dong Nai Province to the East, Dong Nai River to the natural boundary, and Thu Duc District to the West. In the South, it borders on District 2 and Dong Nai River to the South, Di An Town, Binh Duong Province to the North.

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Real Estate District 9

Planning map of District 9

Decree No. 03-CP dated 6.1.1997 of the Prime Minister established District 9 on the basis of the total area and population of Long Binh, Long Thanh My Phuoc, Long Truong, Phu Huu, Phuoc Binh, Tang Nhon Phu, plus 484 hectares of natural area and 15,794 people from Phuoc Long commune, 891 ha of natural area and 13,493 people from Hiep Phu commune, 140 hectares of natural area and population above divided into 13 wards : Phuoc Long A Ward, Phuoc Long B Ward, Tang Nhon Phu B Ward, Long Truong Ward, Truong Thanh Ward, Phuoc Binh Ward, Tan Phu Ward, Hiep Ward Phu Long Thanh Ward, Long Binh Ward, Long Phuoc Ward, Phu Huu Ward.

District 9 is surrounded by rivers such as Sai Gon River, Dong Nai River, Tac River, Ong Nhieu River, … According to Rever, District 9 is surrounded by rivers, so the climate is cool all year round. The geography here is also extremely favorable, emerging as mound sure and higher than sea level from 5m to 14m, no flooding situation.

Advantage from the transport infrastructure connected through

Regarding road traffic, District 9 is connected by the existing Hanoi Highway, benefiting directly from the Ben Thanh – Suoi Tien metro line to the city center. In addition, thanks to the proximity of Ho Chi Minh City – Long Thanh – Dau Giay Expressway and North – South Highway, it is also easy to move to the South Central and the Central Highlands. In addition, Ring Road 3 (My Phuoc – Tan Van – Nhon Trach) will help traffic from New City Binh Duong – Ho Chi Minh City – Nhon Trach is through.

Real Estate District 9

District 9 infrastructure is improving

In the near future, the projects located in District 9 will add value when the advantage of the waterway is strongly promoted. It is a strategic route connecting the Saigon River – the Dong Nai River that connects Ho Chi Minh City and Bien Hoa City.

In early 2014, the Long Thanh – Dau Giay highway axis officially came into operation as the support for the area became more convenient than ever. From District 9, people can go to Phu My Hung center within 15 minutes via Phu My Bridge, go to District 1 center only about 20 minutes via Thu Thiem Tunnel or Hanoi Highway. District 9 residents want to go to Vung Tau only 1 hour and 20 minutes, to Phu My Industrial Park only 45 minutes, it is convenient for professionals working in industrial parks or high technology.

Urban intellectuals and high technology

District 9’s great potential does not end with the gold position, complete infrastructure and traffic throughout. The development of this area is chosen to be the urban intellectual and high tech zone.

Real Estate District 9

Samsung Hi-tech Park in District 9, where a large number of foreign experts are working

In early October 2014, the Samsung Group officially received a $ 1.4 billion investment license in Ho Chi Minh City, which further boosted expectations for the development potential of District 9. The project, titled Samsung CE Complex “(SECC) is implemented on an area of 70 hectares in Saigon Hi-tech Park, with the objective of research, development, and production of high-tech consumer electronics products and appliances. The project was kicked off in January 2015 and commenced operations in the second quarter of 2016. This is the biggest electronic production project in the last 8 years at Saigon Hi-tech Park. In addition, the South Korean government financed $ 220 million to build the Ring Road 3, linking District 9 to the city center and neighboring provinces.

Besides the Samsung factory, many projects of major technology companies in the world are being built in District 9 such as: Intel, Sanofi (France), Nidec (Japan), Datalogic (Italy), Rockwell Automation (USA) When completed, it will attract a large workforce, technical specialists, experts here to work, increasing demand for housing.

The perfect social amities of the East is a positive factor supporting District 9 become the destination of many investors. Almost important functional areas in District 9 have been formed in a formal way. The training area of Long Phuoc University, Ho Chi Minh City National University, Hi-Tech Park, Phu Huu Port, Suoi Tien Tourist Park and National Historical and Cultural Park are all operated.

The real estate market benefits

At the beginning of the development of District 9, real estate investors in the country as well as abroad have poured capital into it. VinCity, Sim City, Jamila Khang Dien, Mega Residence, Goldora, Villa Park, Riviera … are gradually shaping the framework of urban areas, projects quite close together to create intellectual communities, high quality, and absolute security.

Real Estate District 9

Sim City street project District 9 attract real estate investors

Many experts estimate HCMC is the most dynamic city in the country. The French planned Saigon for only 400,000 people but by 2014 the city had approximately 10 million inhabitants, including immigrants. Rapid urbanization makes the density of population in downtown Saigon increasingly dense. According to the plan approved by the Prime Minister in 2025, District 9 will focus on developing new urban areas with large scale, synchronous social infrastructure, limiting the development of small and undeveloped projects. Retail projects. This urges people to stretch out into the perimeter to create a balance. District 9 has a great advantage in being in this ideal belt of relaxation.

Thus, the language in the heart of the East of Ho Chi Minh City is full of exciting, next to a high-tech industrial zone, the potential of District 9 has shifted to wake up, take initiative in integration and continue to flourish in the near future.

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