Empire Apartment In The Middle Of The East Pearl

Empire City Apartment District 2 Is A Perfect Living Environment In The Middle Of The East Pearl.

District 2 was once “rejected” because of the luxuriant vegetation, piggyback roads like oasis located in the downtown gateway. However, now, when a series of high-end real estate projects sprout, especially the presence of the City’s 2-bedroom Empire City, this “deserted” appearance has become more varied, more ideal.

Many people who criticized the District 2 but now they pay much attention to this project. Many real estate investors are looking forward to having the “golden pie” of the projects in this area, and the Empire City Apartment District 2 is the “delicious piece of cake”.

In the article below, let’s take a few words describing the perfect living environment at the Empire City Condominium District 2 – a high end international complex located in the middle of the east pearl.

  1. Where is the Empire City 2 District 2 built in the middle of the east pearl?

District 2 is no longer the second district when Thu Thiem New Urban Area was officially approved, located in the planning blueprint of the city and the State, with many functions and promises to be the new center of Sai Gon in the future, joined the “wealthy district corporation” as District 1,3,5 …

Empire Apartment

Empire apartment in District 2 is located in the heart of the far east of Saigon

Because of this importance, the joint venture between the two big ones from Vietnam and the two big ones from Singapore. The UK has decided to build the Empire City complex between the cores of 2B Thu Thiem new urban area. The project has been approved by the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City and handed over in 2015. By the end of 2016, the project is starting to progress in phases.

Empire City Apartment District 2 is a major item in the complex project named City of the King and promises after the open public creating a resonance in the real estate market in Vietnam. The facade of the apartment is not like other work, but completely owned by the view of the Saigon River fresh wind year round. More than 3,000 luxury apartments are designed architectural view to meet the high standards of luxury resort.

The other side of Empire City Condominium District 2 is the front of Mai Chi Tho Street. This is a large road stretching along East-West Highway. From this location, residents living in the Empire City Apartment can easily move through District 1, 4, 3 just about 15 minutes by car. To go to Hanoi Highway and Long Thanh Dau Giay Expressway is also very fast without any traffic jam, inundation. This is a great traffic advantage, worth cherishing in crowded Saigon all day and night.

  1. How perfect is the living space at the Empire City District 2?

In terms of perfection, the living environment at the Empire City Apartment District 2 was rated 10 for quality. Because of the living environment, the living space in the high-grade apartments should be completely different from the old apartment.

Empire Apartment

Location of Empire apartment District 2 in the center of Saigon

Not only the area is spacious, comfortable, has a balcony full of sunshine and wind, the environment is also very clean, fresh, cool and close to nature. Every morning you can go to the balcony to do some basic exercises and get energy from the air for a healthy work, or you can also move down the tree shade track and all the exercise equipment along the path.

You will also live in a perfectly safe environment. Dirty food, hazardous chemicals will never get in here. The problem of theft and social evils such as drug addiction and prostitution will never appear. The absolute security environment is sure to be a good experience for you and your family. The future of your children here will be extremely bright, because they are exposed to modern civilized life, with knowledgeable people and learned in the world-class education system.

  1. Do you want to experience great living at the Empire City Condominium District 2?

We believe that everyone wants to experience the wonderful living environment at the Empire City Apartment District 2 even once because the Empire Apartment is too special, too ideal and strange compared to other existing works in Saigon.

So, if you really enjoy Empire City 2 and would like to be here forever, please contact us. All information about this project will be updated continuously.

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