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Empire City Project Should Buy To Live Long Time Should Not It?

The concept of the Vietnamese people, we always look forward to have a stable place and then the job goes well. If you save enough money to buy Empire City apartment, you should carefully consider coming to a final decision.

Buy a house to live long time or whole life, that is universal interest. Empire City apartments have been built for the purpose of serving the good life for the Sai Gon presidents who wish to experience a level of living space. So, you wonder whether to buy Empire City apartments as a place to live permanently or not is common question.

To help you get the exact answer, please consult strength and weakness of these apartments thus you will be easier to choose.

Strength of Empire City apartments:

Empire City apartment is a complex project which was invested up to 1.2 billion dollars. These apartments were constructed by joint venture company, associated by 4 owner investment real estate known in Viet Nam and in the world. Partners design this project is Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates PC – KPF and Empire City apartments is located in the functional areas 2B- The centre of the new urban area of Thu Thiem, district 2, a side of apartments face Saigon river, one facing Mai Chi Tho Street.

Because of these features on all the investors, design unit and prime location that Empire City apartments promise to be a very livable place among Sai Gon.

At the hands of KPF design, complex Empire City area become an ideal living space, achieve international standards. You can imagine how your life here will be modern conveniences, fresh air and absolute safety. In the apartment you will feel comfortable to stand at the balcony where you can view the cool river and when walking under shady trees in the park, a series of complex shopping center is near, make sure you will feel relaxed and excited soul.

To put strength of Empire City apartments neatly in a simple sentence: This is convenience with level 5 star. If you have economic condition, you want to live in security and good health, do not think anything, sure that Empire City apartments is a lucid decision.

Empire City Thu Thiem
Hall of the project apartment Empire City Thu Thiem

Weakness of Empire City apartments:

Strength of Empire City project as was analyzed above, still this project has weaknesses:

First, the price of apartment in complex Empire City area is very high in comparison with ordinary households. This is plain matter because Empire City apartments are located in gold position District 2 and are equipped to modern conveniences that you never experience anywhere. So, price of Empire City apartments is higher than common other apartments. However, if you compare Empire City apartments with the high-rank apartments, you will find price Empire City apartments are much cheaper.

Second, Empire City apartments were designed to follow international standards with style rest in home, is complex area toward the middle classes and the higher classes. Therefore, everything within the framework of this project is 5-star class, is luxury, modern and first class apartment. If you have a medium income, you will hardly own an apartment in project.

Although above weaknesses can make you give up, set your mind at rest because many bank and financial organizations undertook that customers want to order Empire City apartment will be joined in preferential loaned schedules, if customer can satisfy minimum demand of bank.

Empire City project should buy to live long time, should not it?

As was analyzed above, you can rely on strengths, weaknesses to come to a final decision for yourself. You should carefully consider because opportunity is very few, if you give away this opportunity, you can repent of one’s haste.

If you don’t know how you should choose, you can direct contact with us to be consulted, carefully instructed anything relating to Empire City apartments

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Empire City Project Should Buy To Live Long Time Should Not It?

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