Empire Projects In Thu Thiem Gets The Benefits From Golden Position

What does the Thu Thiem Empire City project benefit from golden position?

In the modern life today, people must have a stable job and an apartment to go home, to record the memorable moments in life and relax after a hard working day. It is important to choose the location of the apartment to suit the travel as well as benefit from the location brings.

The Empire City project in Thu Thiem just owning a very favorable position has received a lot of attention of customers.

Where is the location of the Empire City of Thu Thiem? What are the benefits and potentialities it brings to the people here? Soon we will find the answer.

Where is the location of the Empire City project in Thu Thiem?

The Empire City project is located in the center of Thu Thiem new urban area. As you already know that Thu Thiem was previously the Ho Chi Minh City government orientated and developed the investment into a new socio-economic center of the city.

We can see the near future that the Empire City project in Thu Thiem will be one of the multifunctional complexes of international stature so it has an extremely beautiful view of the city.

The Empire City project in Thu Thiem is located on the Mai Chi Tho Street and overlooks the Saigon River, which gives it an airy and closes with nature.

Empire City project

Golden location of Thu Thiem Empire City Project District 2

Does the Empire City Apartment project in Thu Thiem bring all the convenience in traveling and linking areas?

Thanks to the position, residents can move easily to neighboring districts such as District 1, District 7, District 9 and Binh Thanh District.

Thanks to its beautiful location, the residents of the Empire City in Thu Thiem can easily connect with the Hanoi Highway, the Long Thanh Dau Giay Expressway to Vung Tau, Dong Nai, etc.

It must be said that the Empire City project in Thu Thiem has the prime location, thanks to the facing of the Saigon River, the traffic from the Empire City in Thu Thiem is shorter. It takes less than 3 minutes to reach District 1 easily. You will also spend 5 minutes moving to the new administrative center in District 2. Besides, residents can enjoy shopping at the shopping malls and commercial center just taking 10 minutes.

Empire City project

The Empire City project benefited so much of the resonance value from the gold position

Near the Empire City in Thu Thiem, there are also many different schools, so your children can study and work in the best environment and time to go to school is just only 10 minutes. It’s convenient, is not it?

The most special thing of the Empire City in Thu Thiem is the direct connection to major urban areas of Thu Thiem such as Dai Quang Minh Sala, Thu Thiem Vinhomes, Khanh Hoi Vinhomes in District 4 and Eco Smart City. Thanks to the proximity of other large apartments, in the future, the Empire City in Thu Thiem will be a good, bustling and modern investment.

What is the value of the project?

The Empire City in Thu Thiem thanks to the golden position has shown the existing value.

You have also seen that the Empire City in Thu Thiem owns the position to profit from the early days of the beginnings. Since the foundation was built, there have been a lot of buying and selling among customers. Until now, the project has always received a lot of attention.

The Empire City project in Thu Thiem is still a rare place in Saigon that owns a natural space with low construction density, which makes you and your family feel the great values of this project.

With a peaceful airy space of the Saigon River, your whole family will be fine and fresh in outdoor BBQ parties and enjoy the fun and community.

All of them have made the Empire City in Thu Thiem increasingly popular and luxury.

With the gold position that the Empire City in Thu Thiem owns in Saigon, you and your family will no longer have to worry about the distances. The fatigue or anxiety when you constantly suffer the traffic jams, thanks to the gold position, you can comfortably enjoy a fresh air and it is faster when moving around.

With the great things that the Empire City in Thu Thiem has brought us, surely all of us also want to own an apartment here, right? Don’t wait for anything else and choose for yourselves the Empire City in Thu Thiem quickly.

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