EverGreen Project In District 7 – The Convergence Of Elite Class

Being invested after raising new funds, EverGreen District 7 is the second project deployed by the Tai Nguyen Company along with the continued construction of the Kenton Residences Project which has been resounding success before.

With the design, location and utility system provided by the investor, EverGreen project in District 7 promises to become high-class apartment, living space for the rich and super rich.

Overview of the Evergreen District 7 project

Full name of the project: Residential Complex PMR EVERGREEN

Address: Nguyen Luong Bang, Phu My Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City

Owner: Tai Nguyen Construction – Manufacturing – Trading Co., Ltd

Total investment up to: 80 million dollars

Total land area: 74,069.5sqm

Building density: quite low is the advantage of the EverGreen Project.

The scale of the project: construction scale consists of 3 zones:

+ Apartment building: area of 9.098sqm with a maximum height of 24 floors

+ The villa area: 47 lots with the area of each lot from 512-938sqm

+ Garden houses: 18 lots with area of 215 – 400sqm

Introduction of experienced investors of EverGreen – Tai Nguyen Company

Established on March 29, 1996, Tai Nguyen Construction – Manufacturing – Trading Co., Ltd operates in the field of infrastructure construction, manufacture and trading of building materials. Starting in 2001 with the same long-term development orientation, Tai Nguyen has restructured the business model and concentrated its financial resources to invest and trade in real estate.

Tai Nguyen investor is a company with 3 branches in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Binh Thuan Province. In addition, there are three subsidiaries, two companies associated with the Private University of Technology and Management (UTM).

Simple structure and complex shape – EverGreen brings prosperity

EverGreen creates the architecture of the bird’s nest theater, which is simple but extremely complex in interlaced structure, combining a network with a harmonious yin-yang philosophy to create prosperity. Along with Parametricism trend is widely applied in every house of EverGreen. These are the designs created by the Parametric Architecture with a continuum of architectural cubes, combining flexibility that is fully utilized for the creation of a complex geometry but it’s also seamless, elegant and workable in real-world construction.

All factors of geomancy, landscapes and convenient transportation at EverGreen

Located in a prime location on Nguyen Luong Bang Street, Phu My Ward, District 7, the EverGreen project is opposite the Chateau Chateau in Phu My Hung. EverGreen District 7 has the advantage to compete with many other apartments and attract a large number of buyers.

Evergreen Project

The prime location of Evergreen Project with 3 sides bordering the river

At the same time, EverGreen owns a very special location when there are 3 sides near to the river.

North of the project adjacent to Ong Do canal and Phu My Hung urban area.

The South of the project is bordered by D4 road.

East of the project adjacent to the branch of Ong Do canal.

In the west, the project is adjacent to Rach Dia and Phuoc Kieng ward.

About the geomancy, it brings the prosperous and everlasting life to EverGreen residents. In addition, residents of Evergreen will inherit a fresh atmosphere and enjoy the cool breeze from the green rivers surrounding the project.

Modern and luxurious living space at Evergreen

Towards the highest standards in a healthy and romantic living space is the purpose that the investor builds at the EverGreen project in District 7.

EverGreen’s internal facilities are well-equipped and modern, along with other amenities such as the advantages of rivers that is retained and upgraded, the artificial canal system providing facilities for high-class marinas, the Panorama pool 1.5 km in length which connects City Villa apartments to each other. On a 7.4ha campus, the investor spends 5000sqm on a green park, plus a 1000sqm HyperNest restaurant and a 700Nm InNest restaurant with various functions to cater to the needs of the EverGreen owners and give EverGreen residents a peaceful life.

In addition, to increase the safety of EverGreen residents, the whole parking and transportation systems connecting community are brought down the tunnels, so vehicles will not run on the ground, which can endanger children and the elder. This ensures absolute safety when children play on the EverGreen campus.

Detailed premises of Evergreen

EverGreen Project District 7

The overall face of EverGreen Project District 7

Designed subtly in Parametricsm’s contemporary architecture, the EverGreen project is built on an area of 74,069.5sqm divided into three zones:

+ Apartment: in the building area of 9.098sqm and maximum height of 24 floors

+ Villa: area from 512-938sqm

+ Garden house: area from 215 – 400sqm

EverGreen will satisfy the elite with reasonable prices

The EverGreen project will be launched in early 2017 and promises to sell at reasonable prices and satisfy the elite.

With a new living space, a new paradise, and you will also start a new heaven. EverGreen District 7 is the convergence of the elite and you will only feel when you live here.

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