EverGreen Villas Bring The Upperlife

The Evergreen villa enjoys a prime location, cool space and a 6-star design. Let us experience the high life here.

This is a new project invested in Phu My residential area in District 7, EverGreen investor Tai Nguyen converged the best quintessence for a luxury real estate project. Built on more than 7 hectares of land, the project includes Garden Villa, City Villa and Sky Villa. Especially, 2 entertainment clubs are designed in harmony with greenery and flowers. The EVERGREEN property project in District 7 will bring a whole new experience of a different lifestyle, perfect living space, and world-class facilities designed by talented architects from Monaco.

This article will introduce the international standard utility system that EverGreen will bring to the future residents of the project.

Complete life sublimation at EverGreen

Desire to the highest standards of living for residents, EverGreen District 7 investors offer you a living space where water and nature blend together.

Not only possesses a complete utility system that meets all the needs of residents such as pre-school children’s preschool buildings, high-quality medical clinics, sports facilities, Gym room, spa room, … EverGreen is also invested in building with utility not only of quality but also eye level with unique architectural design, perfect and different.

Afford the owner class with a private 5-star marina

EverGreen has the advantage of 3 sides of the river so it has been designed by the owner of artificial canals and 5 star luxury yacht landing. EverGreen Villa has an area of 700 – 1000sqm with water and green trees surrounding, especially with private yachting wharf showing different level of ownership.

Read more information at: EverGreen Villa

EverGreen Icon – Panorama Pool 1.5 km

The highlight of the EverGreen project is the 1.5 km long, modern Panorama pool just like the blue silk stretching across the City Villa to bring authentic resort living. Not only bring good feng shui to the villas but the Panorama swimming pool is also a symbol of the connection, of the village spirit among the residents living here.

Live at Evergreen – live in true green space

The owner spends more than 7000sqm of EverGreen project for green parks and water. They are arranged harmoniously in the project campus.

– Flower gardens are located at the head of the artificial canal to create the EverGreen landscapes.

– Park green areas in the apartment buildings with running jogging, outdoor exercise machines… will serve the physical and sports activities of the community.

– The corridor protects Roi canal and the Ong Doi canal and the water creates open spaces for community activities.

EverGreen Villa

Unique and distinctive in bird house and bird egg architecture

Evergreen has built 1 bird’s nest restaurant – HyperNest 1000sqm and a bird egg restaurant – InNest 700sqm that carry many different functions serving residents. They are simple but extremely complex shapes with a combination of interwoven, uniform as grid. This is the architecture of harmony yin-yang philosophy, to create prosperity.

Safe and modern with traffic at EverGreen

On road traffic:

In particular, at EverGreen the entire parking system, roads are all brought down to the basement. The vehicles are not running on the ground because it can be dangerous for children and older people.

  • With design:
  • The main entrance of EverGreen (direction from the D4 road, width of 10m) ensures that the vehicle does not stand up to fire escalators into convenient.
  • Motorized transportation system approaching low-rise housing will be arranged underground.
  • There is a pedestrian road with a width of 1.5 – 2 m to meet the needs of the people.

On waterway traffic:

Taking advantage of the rivers surrounding the project, EverGreen will develop a direct waterway network to the site, while also ensuring its functions and duties in meeting fire protection needs.

EverGreen has a long-term habitat development strategy

Measures to minimize, overcome the impact on the population, natural landscapes, air and noise are implemented urban planning in EverGreen project such as:

  • Solid waste will be sorted at the source and then collected and transported to the processing area of the City.
  • Meanwhile, wastewater must be treated to QCVN 14: 2008 / BTNMT before being discharged into the environment.
  • The system of green trees in the project is arranged including green trees and the water surface not only create the landscape but also contribute to protect the air environment.
  • Integration of measures to adapt and mitigate impacts of climate change.

Inheritance of modern facilities and quality outside

The project is located very conveniently adjacent to Phu My Hung urban area, EverGreen residents just minutes to move to the key entertainment areas such as Parkson Paragon commercial center, Crescent Park, Anh Sao Bridge, Canadian International School, French Hospital, Tam Duc Hospital … which can include such convenience as:

  • Only 3 minutes to move to Phu My Hung administrative and entertainment center
  • Just 5 minutes to Parkson SaiGon, Crescent Mall, Crescent, SC Vivo City.
  • It takes only 8 minutes to RMIT University, Ton Duc Thang University, Saigon South International School
  • Only 10 minutes to Ben Thanh Market
  • Only 20 minutes to District 2 via Phu My Bridge

In addition, this area is also where the elite, foreign communities and international organizations choose to settle, so that EverGreen and surrounding neighborhoods will jointly build up a community of intellectuals upstream modern.

You can read more market information at: Vietnam Real Estate Market

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