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Experiences About Choosing To Buy An Old Home From The Reality

When buying an old house, in order to good for the family, in the long run, you need to consider carefully about the price, location, traffic conditions, utilities … and also issues related to Feng Shui of home.

It is not easy to choose an old home that is both legally secure and fit. Here are the experiences of choosing to buy an old home from the fact that you need to consult carefully before deciding to buy a home.

The first: The location of the house

The location of the house is very important and is often mentioned first in the criteria for evaluating the property. It decides on usability, price and surroundings. A house is good that is located in the convenient location of transportation, near the utilities and essential services such as: market, school, hospital, cultural park …

buy old house
The location of the house is one of the important criteria when buying a home

The second: Finding out the origin, the origin of the house

When deciding to buy a house to live that means you and your family have to stick with this house. Therefore, in addition to issues related to Fengshui science such as direction, location … you should also learn the history of the house you intend to buy. Because this can affect your long life later.

If the owner of this house is in debt or dispute, not sure to buy, though not buy cheap, do not hammer the process. The problematic house has an idealistic element (haunting example), you should also try to understand thoroughly. Or sellers want to sell because the area is complex, low intellectuals, or many evils … then it is best not to fall into this category.

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Third: Looking closely at the red book of the house

Besides the origin of the house, you should also note the information mentioned in the red book of the house. If the house is two stories or more but the red book only refers to the land, If the State later withdraws only compensation for the part of the house will not be compensated, you must remember to argue for a discount.

If the real area of the house is 50sqm but in the red book only 40sqm, they encroach 10sqm, so you negotiate to pay only 40m2 in the red book. If the seller is not the owner, you can ask them to meet the owner called the red book of the house, to facilitate the transfer to the owner later.

buy old house
To make sure you will be your room should see the red star house

If you buy a 4th-grade house, less than 30 square meters, remember to ask the landlord for a building permit, usually a small amount. Once completed you should deposit new money. This ensures that you avoid the risk of buying land in the planning area – which is forbidden to build permanent housing. To avoid the risk of buying a house without a red book, you can view the manual.

The fourth: Surveying your neighbors before buying a home

You need to have time to ask neighbors or residents if the entrance to the house that you want to buy conflicts. There are many residential areas in large cities because of encroachment, where there are so many disputes. There are areas where the entrance to the house is still in dispute, can not be resolved. In these cases it is best to avoid the possibility that you will encounter many problems after buying a home.

The fifth: Noting the earth position and shape of the land

When you are looking to buy a good old home, you should go to the house and check if it makes a good feng shui. The house next to a hill is not good in feng shui, but if the hill, or tall building behind the house, it is very good.

The most beautiful shape of the site is square, rectangular. Being wider and higher in the front is a good thing. Conversely, the narrower the back, the lower, will create the loss, the difficulty.

buy old house
When buying old house, should chú comments to the house house

The sixth: Considering arrangement from bedroom to bathroom

The feng shui concept that a good house, the layout of the room in the house must feng shui. Therefore, when buying a home you should visit the interior layout carefully. If the bedroom is above a garage, kitchen, laundry room, or empty space below; Bathroom above the dining room or kitchen; Shared bedroom with toilet is not good, this can cause sickness and illness to your family members.

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The seventh: Deeply survey seismic around the area

When buying your home, you must pay close attention to waste water drainage. In fact, there are a lot of dormitories in large cities by extension, encroachment where many of the drainage pipes of the dormitory are located just below the yard. This is not very good about feng shui as well as obstruct a lot if you later intend to do house. In addition, the house is located near the cleft area or cemetery …. you also need to note.

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Experiences About Choosing To Buy An Old Home From The Reality

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