Explain The Charm Of The Resort Villas From The Perspective Of The Finacial Experts

The outstanding advantages of the financial policy with the sustainable profit potential are what makes the special attraction of the Sun Premier Village Kem Beach Resort project by the Sun Group Corporation in the South of Phu Quoc island.

The financial incentives excel

Right after the launch of the market in June 2017, the products of the Sun Premier Village Kem Beach Resort has quickly “stormed” the market, attracting the special attention of investors. The experts said one of the reasons for this was due to the superior financial incentives for the villa owners. Accordingly, the customers who own a villa will receive 0% interest rate subsidy for the loans up to 70% of the value of the villa, grace debt in 24 months. Thus, the customers only need to prepare their initial capital from 176 000 USD-220 000 USD (equivalent to the investment in a mid-end luxury apartment in the urban areas) to buy villas more valuable than 572 000 USD. With this policy, the opportunity to buy the luxury villas on the island of Ngoc Phu Quoc becomes easier than ever. All within the reach of the investors. The 70% of the money that does not need to be repaid will help the investors turn around, create more effective levers such as the bank deposits or continue investing in other items.

The commitment is high in the long run

Sun Premier Village Kem Beach Resort

Sun Premier Village Kem Beach Resort – Villa B

The inventor of the Sun Group pledges that the customers will earn a minimum of 9% of the timeshare revenue in 15 years – a remarkable return on their long-term profitability over the same products segment. Thus, the customers have both the timeshare long-term profits from the lease and owned a luxury resort at the Kem beach. It is a sure investment problem and is guaranteed by the added value of the property on the Ngoc Phu Quoc Island – one of the region’s top tourist attractions.

The owners do not have to worry about maintaining or managing the resort villas. The million-dollar villas will always be taken care of by the world’s leading professional managers as well as ensured the best customer service. On the Ngoc Island, most of the world’s famous management units have been present, including the Marriott International Group; Accor Hotel …

The owners can enjoy a privilege of a 225-night, in 15 years (equivalent) holiday in a resort system invested by the Sun Group throughout Vietnam, including the InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort, JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald. Bay, Mercure Ba Na Hills French Village … So, the investors can both be assured with the profits, relaxed and travel at the resort brand the Sun Group.

Promising the real estate market resort in the South of Phu Quoc

Sun Premier Village Kem Beach Resort

Sun Premier Village Kem Beach Resort – Villa D

The Sun Premier Village Kem Beach Resort is located in the resort and entertainment, the billion-dollar resort is invested by the Sun Group strongly in the South of Phu Quoc island. After the completion, with the system of the Hon Thom cable car has just put into operation, the construction of the Sun Group in the Soth of Ngoc island is sure to be a destination for the entertainment and relaxation in the area. The high proportion of tourists will contribute to the development of the Sun Premier Village Kem Beach resort to become the “golden egg-laying hens” for the investors.

The outstanding class, difference and financial policies in the market of tourism and resort property are leading the growth rate in Vietnam, the Sun Premier Village Kem Beach Resort with the brand of the pioneer investor the Sun Group will be a place to secure the capital, long-term profitability and long-term security for the investors.

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