Explaining The Attraction Of ” Aqua 3″ Apartment at Vinhomes Ba Son

Explains the big attraction from Aqua 3 in The Aqua Vinhomes BaSon subdivision.

Aqua 3 apartment located in the project Vinhomes Ba Son is creating a great attraction and mark on the market of a high-end real estate by the superiority over the other projects in the same segment.

Aqua 3 is a luxury apartment building located in the Aqua Apartment subdivision of Vinh Son Ba Son Ecotourism project comprising 4 apartment towers: The Aqua 1, The Aqua 2, The Aqua 3 and The Aqua. 4. Meanwhile, Aqua 1 and Aqua 2 are open for sale first and quickly create a fever in the market, following that success, Vingroup continues to open Aqua 3 apartment market in the center of Thanh Trung Ho Chi Minh City. Below Real Estate Express would like to explain the appeal of luxury apartment Aqua 3 in the project Vinhomes Ba Son and evaluate the potential of Aqua 3 for the central property market which is becoming increasingly exciting now.

Aqua 3 launch time is appropriate

Aqua 3 apartment was officially launched in May 2016 after the sale of Aqua 1 and Aqua 2 in April. So far the attraction of Aqua 3 has not shown signs of cooling down and is currently creating a bold mark on the market of high-end real estate. By the time of 2015, this is the time when Vingroup decided to open two Landmark 1 and Landmark 2 apartments in the Vinhomes Central Park complex. At that time, the apartment market seemed to witness a spectacular surge of Vingroup when the two Landmark high-end apartment buildings were sold out in just a quick time. It seems that there is no time to open the sale of any downtown property project that has so much heat. Vingroup continues to repeat the history of the real estate market with apartments The Aqua 3 Vinhomes Ba Son at this time of year.

Aqua 3 apartment

location of Aqua 3 apartment in Vinhomes Golden River project District 1 Ho Chi Minh City

Both Landmark and The Aqua have many similarities, the apartment towers in The Aqua are highly appreciated by professionals and investors because of its prominent position in the gold central area of the city with the same dominant position. Outstanding in terms of apartment design, utility systems outside the area and the price that rare other luxury apartment projects in Ho Chi Minh City can get. That is not to mention the reputation of the investor Vingroup, the largest real estate corporation in Vietnam with the belief of investors placed in the project Vinhomes Ba Son. This has been partly demonstrated by the attractiveness of Aqua 3 in the real estate market in the recent past.

The prominent location of Aqua 3 apartment with nice view and feng shui

Like other apartments in the Aqua subdivision, Aqua 3 District 1 apartment is considered the most beautiful view of the Vinhomes Ba Son project with a favorable location when the two sides border Saigon River and Thi canal the same with the less shielded vision by the front is a low-rise villa. This gives the apartment in Aqua 3 fresh air along with a sweeping panoramic view of the entire downtown area.

From the apartment, residents can take in views of the 81-floor Landmark building, the Bitexco building, the zoological garden, the busy streets of the city or the glorious Sai Gon River. In addition, with a two-sided position on the banks of the river in the center of the city, Aqua 3 Vinhomes Ba Son has the feng shui of bringing prosperity and prosperity to apartment owners along with the convenience of transportation in District 1 and neighboring districts.

Luxury apartment design of Aqua 3 with interior decoration

Being consulted and designed by world-renowned companies such as Gensler and EDSA, Aqua 3 is rated as the top-class luxury apartment on the market today. Unlike Aqua 1 and Aqua 2 with 50 floors, The Aqua 3 is 42 stories high with a low density of 12 units per floor promising a truly comfortable living for residents. Although having only 42 floors, Aqua 3 has 8 elevator systems, 3 basement parkings and security system 24/24 security.

The design towards harmony with nature, bringing natural light and the fresh breeze to the rooms while enjoying a maximum view of the green space and scenery. Especially the furniture from the kitchen, living room to bedroom used in luxury apartment 3 Vinhomes Ba Son district 1 are imported from the world’s leading manufacturers such as Bosch, Duravit or Hansgrohe of Germany combined with intelligent home automation technology, European standard super clean or Low – E glass touches the floor.

The system of utilities outside the perfect area

As a super project, residents living in Aqua 3 Vinhomes Golden River enjoy the facilities of the project with 25 utility items and nearly 100 class services contributing to creating a perfect living space for families. These include the commercial center, living room, sports area, recreation area, swimming pool, marina, restaurant and BBQ, modern gym and spa. In addition, the project creates a green and harmonious environment with a natural landscape with a tropical garden system, square system, the panorama of river and routes. It can be said that residents living in Aqua 3 are enjoying the life of a small city with the perfect facilities in the center of district 1 of Ho Chi Minh City.

Community of civilized class

As a resident of The Aqua and Vinhomes Ba Son Ecotourism Complex, families can be proud of living in one of Ho Chi Minh’s most luxurious projects. Thus, a community of civil and civilized residents living around the apartment Aqua 3 is all in the upper class and successful in life.

Reasonable price and value increase over time

With a prominent location in the central district of District 1 along with the full enjoyment system diversity and class design of the Vinhomes Ba Son project, the price of Aqua 3 is evaluated to be best at the time of sale by experts and investors.

Aqua 3 apartment

model bed room of Aqua 3 apartment in Vinhomes Golden River District 1 Ho Chi Minh City

– 1-bedroom apartments: from 127,593 to 153,992 USD/ unit

– 2-bedroom apartments: from 197,989 USD to 307,983 USD/ unit

– 3-bedrooms or 4-bedroom apartments: from 373,980 to 527,972 USD/ unit

This is the ideal price of a high-end apartment when compared with some other projects in the central high-end apartment market. At the same time, the project opens up high-profit investment opportunities in the near future because rare projects have such superior location with the utilities and perfect infrastructure, ideal habitat like Aqua 3 in The downtown area of Ho Chi Minh City today.

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