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Exploring Various Amenities At King Bay

At the King Bay project, residents will be “relaxed” into the atmosphere of relaxation and convalescence in the right sense and experience the services and facilities that have fewer projects in the city center, such as marinas, artificial beaches, riverside parks …

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Now, let’s take Vietnam Real Estate to explore the unique and diverse range of amenities at King Bay.

The King Bay project is located in the future infrastructure area, conveniently located adjacent to District 9, Ho Chi Minh City. It only takes 5 minutes to move to Long Thanh – Dau Giay highway. the center of Ho Chi Minh City, Vung Tau and Phan Thiet. King Bay offers guests a perfect living space, harmonious with nature and 5-star living standards, to create the true value of modern life, comfort and class…

King Bay project
Outstanding facilities at the King Bay project

Artificial beach: A place to relax with the sea breeze and the surf

One of the differences in utility between the King Bay project and other projects is the unique artificial sea. With this artificial beach, the residents of King Bay project can enjoy the cool water in the same light rays, or play with pure white sand, stretch, drop into the sound waves licked softly on the shore. Living in King Bay, residents will certainly not have to spend money and travel to expensive beaches nearby.

King Bay project
Artificial Sea Artillery at King Bay Project

Marina: A new place of relaxation for the elite

With this marina, the King Bay is truly one of the most luxurious resorts in the world. Not only is the place serving the elite, the aristocracy also became an ecological tourism site, bringing the value of the project to a new height. Residents of the King Bay project will enjoy peaceful, tranquil moments and a panoramic river view while cruising.

King Bay project
Marina at King Bay project

BBQ area and entertainment: a place to connect family, relatives

The BBQ area is considered to be the ideal venue for family reunions, extracurricular activities, team building, fun picnics, community engagement, etc. At the BBQ area of King Bay, The residents can enjoy fresh air and cool air, which will help you dispel the tiredness and regain your spirit after long working days.

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King Bay project
BBQ area and entertainment at King Bay project

Spa System – Beauty: Where women are themselves

In the development of today’s life, the demand for the beauty of women is increasing. With the desire to bring exciting experiences for customers, help the women to have the desired beauty, at King Bay project, the investor integrates spa system with high care services, Diversity. Here, residents will feel the comfort and the feeling of relaxation after the hustle and bustle of life.

King Bay project
Spa system – beauty at the King Bay project

Waterfront Park: A place to dispel the weariness

Capturing the living needs of most urban residents, most of the King Bay area is devoted to greenery and public facilities, meeting the requirements of ideal habitat conditions with bold breath. from nature. Every morning you wake up, there is no more smoke and noisy traffic, but instead, you will be breathing a fresh air, walking under the trees, join the healthy activities It helps you feel relaxed, healthy, and less stressful at work.

King Bay project
Waterfront Park at King Bay Project

18 hole international standard golf: entertainment of the elite

King Bay is located close to the 18 holes international standard golf course with 5 minutes to move, which is very convenient for training and competition. Here, sports enthusiasts will have a whole new experience, enjoy a fresh climate, a quiet space, a peaceful, a standard golf course.

King Bay project
International standard golf course at King Bay project

Quality school system: The place for incubating the future of the country

With the aim of contributing to the educational development of the country, the school at King Bay project brings with it the pride of the young Vietnamese generation with the aspiration to reach out to the world, always striving Non-stop nursing sperm essence, Vietnamese wisdom. In addition, King Bay is also conveniently located to move to training centers, schools and the university.

King Bay project
Quality school system at King Bay project

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