Five Reasons To Note About The Market In The Suburbs Of Saigon

From the beginning of 2017 to now, our property market is increasingly active. Especially, the land segment in the area of Saigon has become increasingly hot, which is a high investment channel attractive to investors.

Ground is an investment channel, accumulation of assets

The ground is a valuable asset that accumulates well, as land prices grow over time, rather than falling or impacted by market downturns. On the other hand, in the context of stable macroeconomic conditions, the growth rate is maintained at present, the landholding makes investors fear of losing value.

Market In The Suburbs of Saigon

Investment land in Ho Chi Minh City not afraid to devalue

The worst is probably not the price increase, but from 2014 to now have not had this phenomenon. As can be seen, this is an attractive investment channel today.

Low land prices are on the downward trend

Using Ben Thanh Market, Saigon center, within a radius of 15km very rare cheap land fund. This means that cheap urban land is scarce, boosting the development of low-cost coastal land investment with the expectation of future land price increases. Currently, the land and townhouse projects are not as much as before, so these segments are on an increase. Land allocation is limited to the separation of land plots, thus causing the land fund cheap coastal areas also surge.

Market In The Suburbs of Saigon

Ho Chi Minh City land fund is increasingly limited

Specifically, in less than a year, the price of land in the suburbs of HCMC has increased. The lowest increase is from VND1-2 million / sqm in areas such as Can Gio, Binh Chanh; The average increase is from VND3-5 million / sqm located in District 12, Hoc Mon; Only in the East of Saigon, District 9, District 2 and Thu Duc District land prices have fluctuated sharply more than VND10 million/sqm and still showing signs of increasing.

A HCM City real estate company said it sold a record-breaking land price for District 9 in 2017 at VND55 million per square meter, three times higher than the same period last year.

Attraction from traffic & infrastructure

Today, the transportation system between the areas of Saigon connected to the center has improved significantly. The state has many policies for the development of transport infrastructure in the center. Therefore, the transport infrastructure has been upgraded, more complete, and traffic has become more convenient. As the distance between the regions is no longer a barrier, the lower ground land prices than the central locations will become the center of the market.

Market In The Suburbs of Saigon

Modern transport of Saigon

Psychology of home ownership of the land of the Vietnamese

Due to the long tradition of the Vietnamese people like to buy land to save whether rich or poor. Although the land they buy is located in remote areas, they still want to own. It can be seen that people have the psychological desire to own land real estate is too strong. This increases the demand for underground land near Saigon. On the other hand, due to the land price in Saigon’s capital mutation in the year so pushed up adjacent land prices.

Market In The Suburbs of Saigon

Customers prefer to buy land for building houses

Land near the Saigon attract investors

At present, a large number of investors and corporations are stepping into the land market in the vicinity of Sai Gon to develop urban scale projects. Because of these massive advances, adjacent land and housing projects danced continuously. Using aggressive marketing strategies, long-term and sophisticated techniques in design have turned the suburban land from monotonous, less attractive to modern, more civilized. This has pushed the price of land at the projects to grow sharply. As a result, neighboring areas also increased, doubling the price of land. The number of transactions on land suburbs is also increasing.

Looking at the above five reasons, it can be seen that the land market segment of Ho Chi Minh City is very attractive. This makes investors cannot ignore the opportunity to generate more profit when participating in the land market in the vicinity of Saigon.

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