Green Living Space In The Tan Phu Celadon

The Celadon Tan Phu brings a great experience for a peaceful life. Living the Celadon Urban Area where has a green living space in the heart of the bustling city.

Choosing an ideal living space in the center of the city where is always noisy, smoggy and bustling which is always everyone’s concern. It’s hard to find a peaceful residence where close to nature as well as not too isolated with the glorious place. Currently, The Celadon Tan Phu Condominium is developed this lifestyle by the Gamude Land (Malaysia), so you don’t need to wonder in the selection of the buying apartment.

Indeed, “Choosing green living space in the heart of town – selecting the Tan Phu Celadon Condominium” is a slogan which is not PR because it’s right in the nature of this work. Don’t rush to judge, please consult this article and you will know what the Gamuda and bring the Saigon want to show and take for residents.

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  1. Enjoying the green environment in the heart of the city – The Celadon Tan Phu apartment is a good choice.

Many people invest the property to get the profitable purpose. However, if making and selling the construction of real estate products as much as possible to promote profit, it is difficult to achieve the purpose. Many investment units have considered as an important issue, they forgot that is the “good wine needs no bush” or you do not have suitable space or utilities, it will be “like water off a duck’s back”, even if you have tried to build housing products.

Apartment or housing property type is designed for residents. Therefore, beyond investing to get profitability, to success in work, the investor has to have the “conscience” on this. Clients can be excited or unexcited this apartment and there is a range of factors to decide the choice of this construction or not. Nevertheless, when the investor put the passion and put themselves in the position of customers, they will develop and create the perfect works.

The Gamuda Land is the investor having the visionary strategy and profound concern clients, so all of this Group’s projects are always the scientific investment, especially about the living environment. This has been showed by Group’s projects and the Tan Phu Celadon apartment too.

Celadon City

Urban Celadon City as a large green city in the center of Saigon

When choosing the Celadon Tan Phu apartment for long residing, you will live in a fresh air without smog, noise, and pollution. There will be a place surrounded by lush trees, the twitter of birds sing and tranquil internal roads with full of utilities. This is a green living environment where everyone dreams, and it has become a reality in the Tan Phu Celadon condominium. With 820 000sqm but only 20% of building density, probably this is a great project bringing you a green living space because of having more 80% of the area served for parks, green, landscapes views, and high-end utilities …

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2.The Tan Phu Celadon Condominium – where is an ideal residence for every resident in Saigon.

With the above analysis, it can be seen that the Celadon Tan Phu Condominium of the Gamuda Land achieved its mission which is to create a green living environment and modern civilization for the Saigon residents. The project is considered as the urban pattern in the future by its breakthrough, it is also an excellent and perfect residence for all the Vietnamese family.

The Celadon City is considered as a miniature city in the center of the crowded Ho Chi Minh city, everything of the city of Saigon is, the Celadon project’s campus too. It is not only a simple thing but also full, perfect and impressive.

You can assure that your family will not lack any service or experience. The utilities such as school, Green Park, Five-Star Sports Zone, the trade center, shopping services, entertainment place for kids or adults… are developed scientifically and quickly by the Gamuda Land and their partners.

Celadon Project

The vast green park covers the entire rich city Celadon Project

Currently, the utility of works have perfected and put into operation, Block A and B of Ruby zone has also officially welcome residents to live and experience. Furthermore, the facilities were also visited or enjoyed by the neighboring districts’ residents.

Owning the large scale as well as scientifically design and proper investment, The Tan Phu Celadon apartment ensure that will take the safety life for residents. The bad problems of outside society could not arise within the project because it is blocked from outside. Therefore, you can live, study and work comfortably.

Currently, the Block E Ruby is selling with attractive pricing, please contact us for more updating news.

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