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Green Living Trends Will Have A Big Impact In The Real Estate Market

Green living trends

In recent years, the trend of “green living” has become more and more close to people in big cities. This lifestyle is not limited to the use of clean food, a way of daily living that is environmentally friendly, but also through the choice of housing. However, not many projects with trees and swimming pools are considered “green” projects.

Criterion of the “green” project

A project called “green”, during its life cycle, it maximizes the use of natural energy, minimizes waste and creates the best living space for the user.

Specifically, from the green building site, before the construction must assess the impact on the surrounding environment, reduce noise, as well as smoke to avoid negative impact on the surrounding area; the site must be green, clean, as well as the workplace of the human resources for the site must be guaranteed to the green standards.

In terms of materials, investors have to choose materials that are environmentally friendly and minimize the generation of harmful compounds. In addition, the space surrounding the project is covered by the green, in which the area used to build the building must be offset by the area covered the project. In particular, the location of the project must be sustainable, the architecture must harmonize with the landscape, minimize the negative impact on the original environment.

Green living trends
Green projects are forecasted to become indispensable.

At the same time, each apartment must be an optimized design, as well as use the most advanced technology to balance the temperature to save energy. All apartments must be exposed to natural sunlight and the wind, thus saving electricity and water consumption, minimizing the amount of waste as well as the amount of CO2 emitted to the environment.

In order to evaluate the “green” quality of a project, there are a number of pioneers in Vietnam that support, evaluate and certify green projects. In particular, the Vietnam Green Building Council (VGBC) was officially recognized by the Ministry of Construction in March 2009.

The “green” factor is increasingly focused

One of the high-end real estate projects leading the “green living” trend is Vinhomes Riverside of Vingroup. Launched in 2011, at a time when in Hanoi almost no closed eco-urban area was built on such a large scale, the project strongly impressed people and the real estate world.

Inheriting and promoting the vision of the first phase, Vingroup continues to introduce the second phase of the project called Vinhomes Riverside – The Harmony. From 12.8 km of a green canyon and 60 hectares of early greenery, Vinhomes Riverside – The Harmony residents will enjoy 6 km of canals and 10.5 ha of trees. In particular, the central lake area of 12.4 hectares was designed and invested in the second phase, ensuring a fresh, clean atmosphere.

Green living trends
Tulip Subdivision Context at the Vinhomes Riverside – The Harmony

Not only the high-end project, Capital House investors are also often mentioned when boldly in the development of their green projects.

In a more competitive environment, many investors in Ho Chi Minh City also pay attention to environmentally friendly green projects. For example, Lakeview City’s Novaland Project, Vinhomes Golden River, Vingroup’s Vinhomes Central Park, or projects in Phu My Hung Urban Area, etc.

One of the most prominent green projects in HCM City is the Opal Riverside project in the East Saigon area of Green Land. This project has more than one hectare of resort-style park located on the bank of the Sai Gon river front and the surrounding greenery and lake, designed in accordance with the standards of green projects.

Not only Opal Riverside, Greenland also develops another green project in HCM City is Opal Garden. The project is located on 20 roads, 100m from Pham Van Dong street, in the area of Hiep Binh Chanh Ward, Thu Duc district. This project is designed in the style of “green living” with the green landscape area up to 61.5%.

According to CBRE, more and more Vietnamese families are interested in living in convenient and luxury urban centers, located not far from the city center, but still, ensure a private and peaceful. The trend of “green living” has become a development criterion in Vietnam in general and a new direction for sustainable market in particular.

Mr.Richard Colville, Director of Asset Management Services, CBRE Vietnam said: “This is a correct trend, proven worldwide with many benefits. In Vietnam, there are quite a lot of investors aiming at developing their real estate projects in accordance with the ‘green’ criteria and receiving a lot of attention from buyers.”

Green living trends
Despite its green-driven development, Capital House’s Ehome Welfare Project remains at the mid-range level

Green trends in the design of construction projects have been developed in many parts of the world and are also present in Vietnam. It is a new direction, positive, both contributing to environmental protection and improving the quality of human life.

Mr. Duong Duc Hien, Deputy Director of the Savills Housing Business Unit in Hanoi, said that a number of new technology projects have been launched and investment has been shifted to develop green projects. Some projects have been confirmed “green living”.

Many people believe that to achieve green building, the project often has high investment. However, according to experts, if the owner put green elements right from the design stage, the cost will not be too high. Meanwhile, residents living in green projects enjoy a lot of utility and cost savings throughout the life of the project.

For example, according to Savills, the “green” building of solar panels for public lighting will save 40% of the power of public lighting systems at projects, buildings. On the other hand, when putting green technology on, it minimizes the costs, limits the irradiation of the sun. This helps people living and working in the project reducing the use of air conditioning, cost savings.

“This is a new thing for the Vietnamese real estate market, but it could be a trend in the future as it ensures the protection of environmental resources, saving money. The resources and assurance are minimized in operating and managing costs of building projects, urban areas, “Hien added.

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Green Living Trends Will Have A Big Impact In The Real Estate Market

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