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Ha Long real estate market and the rapid development of economy – society has dragged in particular and Quang Ninh, in general, became “hot spots”, the project launched continuously fire fast, even the price everyone is increasing.

Ha Long market recently with rapid development, is becoming a “hot spot” for real estate investors. Why is that so? Please follow the article below with us.

Increased incomes in tourism demand.

In 2015, according to the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Quang Ninh province has welcomed 7.7 million visitors with estimated total revenue of 6,500 billion.

Among the international tourist market to Quang Ninh, the majority of Chinese visitors stay strong. In addition to other countries such as the United States increased 25%, England 37%, Spain 24%, Canada 8.3%, …

Currently, per capita income in Quang Ninh is about $ 4,000. It is 1.8 times higher than the national average.

Indeed, per capita income is almost twice as high as the current national average and is projected to double over the next five years. The people of Quang Ninh are increasingly demanding higher tourism, services, environment as well as the quality of life.

Transport infrastructure is improving

Recently, high-speed Hanoi – Hai Phong has been through the entire route. Recently, the highway project linking Ha Long – Quang Ninh with Bach Dang – Hai Phong bridge was officially started to contribute to the connection of traffic in the northern key economic triangle axis.

Ha Long Real Estate
a Noi – Hai Phong – Ha Long expressway

The Ha Noi – Hai Phong – Ha Long – Van Don expressway will be extended, the future will extend to Mong Cai border gate, thereby reducing the load on National Road 18. Shorten the distance from Ha Long to Hanoi to 2 hours and the distance Ha Long – Hai Phong shorten to 25km.

Time travel to neighboring cities shorten, re-owned natural wonders world, with many great attractions and the cost of a holiday is not too high. Quang Ninh is attracting large tourists from Hanoi and neighboring provinces as well as international visitors.

Not only tourists, transportation system more and more complete and synchronous has attracted capital both domestic and foreign investment in real estate.

The “big boss” made the landings in the market of Ha Long Bay.

Previously known as Ha Long is one of the famous tourist destinations in Vietnam. Now it is a new and exciting real estate market with the participation of many investors with blood in Vietnam: Vingroup, BIM Group, Sun Group …

It can be seen that Ha Long is changing day by day and is stepping up to become the leading resort, entertainment, shopping … in the North with “super projects” such as tourist resorts 5 star Vinpearl Ha Long Bay Resort, Vincom Plaza Ha Long Trading Center Complex, Halong Ocean Park Complex, Halong Marina …

With the increasing number of tourists coming here, the demand for houses, condominiums, services and business of customers also increased. The potential for investors in Ha Long market is very great.

The face of Ha Long market is changing day by day with many factors boosting value.

Ha long Real Estate
Ha Long Bay is one of the seven natural wonders of the world

Halong Bay is one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Advantages of infrastructure and tourism development. The strong development of the tourism industry has led to the growth of other industries. Among them is real estate. Ha Long Bay is considered to be the most vibrant in the country.

Experts said that the middle and high-class property in Ha Long recently was very attractive. There are many fire projects only after a few days to open the sale, even when prices continue to rise.

Not only stop there, real estate projects in Ha Long resort are also attracted investors because these products have not initially high investment capital. But it brings great economic efficiency, rapid return on capital, immediate profitability and easy transfer.

For this reason, real estate giants such as BIM Group, Vingroup, Sun Group, FLC Group … are pouring in here and creating a new wave of investment.

Ha Long Real Estate
The big guys in the real estate industry are landing on Ha Long Bay

A number of projects such as resorts, parks, urban areas, entertainment complexes … are being invested such as Vinpearl Halong Bay Resort, Vincom Ha Long Commercial Center, Vinh Long Dragon Bay of Vingroup; Ocean Park by Sun Group; FLC Group and Halong Marina Hotels, BIM Group’s Green Bay Village.

The advantages of synchronous development, investment, transport infrastructure and utility services, the same location favorable, the sea … Made for real estate projects in Ha Long Bay in particular and Quang Ninh in general, the more “hot” than ever.

In addition, the government of Quang Ninh and Ha Long City have specific solutions to remove difficulties, improve the investment environment, focus on administrative reform … as well as attract more businesses too with this tourist city.

However, experts also warned investors when deciding to invest in this type of real estate must consider carefully the credibility, capacity of the investor, infrastructure items attached to the project to have Choose the most reasonable project to not invest wrongly.

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