HaDo Centrosa District 10 – Apartment For VietNamese People

HaDo Centrosa District 10 is deserved to be the cosy apartment of Vietnamese family.If you choose a luxury apartment that is both cosy and luxurious for traditional Vietnamese families, HaDo Centrosa Garden District 10 is worthy of being ranked No.1.

HaDo Centrosa Garden District 10 not only has peerage utility and the super soft price, but also receives praise in the interior architecture modern sophistication, luxurious but still familiar, harmonizing between Asian style and European style .

Only a few lines above will not be enough to make you trust HaDo Centrosa Garden District 10. However, if you take time to read the information below, we believe that you will have an overview and know more about the project.

  1. HaDo Centrosa Garden District 10 – Apartment designed for Vietnamese family:

Ha Do Centrosa

Overall surface of Ha Do Centrosa located in District 10, Ho Chi Minh City

HaDo Centrosa Garden District 10 is conceived and formed by the famous Ha Do investor. Moreover, this project also owns the potential location. Thus, HaDo Centrosa Garden District 10 has become famous and attractive to investors in real estate as well as retail customers.

The scale of the project is considered the worst in terms of the central location of Saigon at present. In terms of scale, HaDo Centrosa Garden District 10 is also interested in and received many praises for owning a stellar partnership with well-known names such Architype consultancy planning, Savills consulting on investment, Apave consulting supervision, Surbana landscape design and Hoa Binh building contractors…. Because all the essence from domestic and foreign gathered for the project, there is no surprise when HaDo Centrosa Garden District 10 has created an explosive wave of real estate.

With an average price of 1sqm only from 1628,16 USD, you will be handed over the apartment with full furniture, house ownership certificate and related legal documents. Ha Do District 10 apartment is an ideal choice for family who wants to live a long life and enjoy luxurious life. Local amenities consist of 21 green gardens, with swimming pool, sports, entertainment, shopping centers, kindergartens, schools … and outpatient facilities with hospital system, market, ancient school and a lot of shops, services … You can experience all if you officially become a resident of HaDo Centrosa Garden District 10.

However, that is not enough to say the value and peerage of Ha Do Centrosa, because the best highlight of the project is in the interior design.

The real home that you will stay forever depends on the comfort inside the apartment, which the owner really attents to. Based on the number of members, you can choose a suitable one: single-family, newlywed couples, or family having mutiple generations.

Typical of a pure Vietnamese home, it is the advantage of multi-purpose rooms and kitchen area. The versatile room is where the whole family gather together, chat and play together or study … Kitchen in HaDo Centrosa Garden District 10 is traditionally designed for Vietnamese. Thanks to very special design, which is connected to loggia directly and has air and smell intake and sliding door, you can feel comfortable when cooking because the smell of food will not fly into other spaces.

With a family of about three generations, living in HaDo Centrosa Garden District 10 will be very convenient, all family members have enough private space, personal living space and a suitable play area.

  1. HaDo Z756 owns the ideal living space for children’s future:

Children are the sprout and the future of the country, so the whole society always put the development of the children on top. Understanding this issue, HaDo investors has paid much attention to young people when designing the project HaDo Centrosa Garden District 10.

Ha Do Centrosa apartment

A series of superior facilities system at Ha Do Centrosa Apartment District 10

Living in Ha Do District 10, your child will experience a full life in all aspects, from the needs of leisure to the right age, to the need to study, improving knowledge and communication.

You can rest assured to play with your children in the building, swimming and exercise on the school campus (including the Specialized internal school system).

As babies live in the apartment, safety is guaranteed, because the glass is made of low-E open-design material, this special glass is a premium product, UV and temperature regulation. Therefore, your child will not be harmed by the sun but can enjoy the fresh air, natural light.

Any questions about HaDo Centrosa Garden District 10, please contact us directly for detailed advice.

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