HomyLand 3 Apartment How Is The Price?

HomyLand Apartments 3 coming soon in the December of 2016 how will the price?

In The near future, HomyLand 3 apartment which makes many people eagerly expect will be officially opened to sale. You will wonder about specific hours and prices on the riverside project Gion Ong To super-ideal. Do not concern, this article will clear up all your questions about selling Homyland 3 District 2.

It will be just over half a month longer, Homyland 3 will be on the plate and become a sweet party for those who have ever been interested. The great success of Homyland 3 has been so far, of course, it can not fail to mention the good results of two previous predecessors, Homyland 1 and Homyland 2.

Do not go long, now go find out answers to every single question. However, you first need to get a glimpse of this fascinating project.

Homyland 3  apartment

Homyland 3 owns a very convenient location for moving as well as generating new profits

  1. Homyland Suite 3 – Luxury class for the elite:

Not to mention that the project HomyLand 3 is a luxury resort for the upper class but the price is only in the middle. On one side is the wide open roadway of Nguyen Duy Trinh, one side is along the Giong Ong To river all year round green, surrounded by plants and flowers vibrating … Where to find romantic living space, peace And so sweet in the heart of Saigon hustle? If not HomyLand 3 then there will be no great work comparable.

Only in terms of interior architecture, HomyLand 3 apartment has enough internal force to attract all people, including real estate experts or geomancy master. Each line of architecture, each using color tone and layout area, we see a room “paradise” is no other luxury resort. At home, you can look up to watch the sky full of stars, looking down to see the charming river, looking around the green trees. Homyland 3 is truly a miniature city full of humor.

Considering the utility of the outskirts of the area, this project is more highly appreciated than the old HomyLand lines, although the same “father” as Bao Son The investor has devoted a great deal of attention to this last riparian project, so always try to provide residents with an environment that is full of space, ideal, without any amenities.

Homyland 3  apartment

2 Homyland 3 apartment tower is located in the prime location in District 2

From supermarkets, shopping centers to restaurants, cafes; from class gym to cool pool; from relaxing spa to community entertainment…all are met to the maximum. You will not have to spend long distances because in HomyLand 3 District 2 can be found.

Not only that, but there are many international schools, banks, hospitals, markets … so you need a bit bigger, you can come to experience with just a few minute ride.

On the road traffic artery no strangles, inundation, HomyLand 3 apartment emerged as a solid symbol of Saigon luxury apartment model.

  1. Opening time of sale of Homyland Apartment 3 is expected:

Expected on December 18, Homyland 3 will be officially opened to sale. However, now you can book this project for §2174. Of course, if you decide not to buy an apartment, the money will be returned 100%, at no cost.

Before opening the sale of Homyland 3 District 2 on December 18, you can visit the model house on the opening day of 10/12 to see the architecture, furniture class of the apartment and have careful consideration. Believe that, you will be overwhelmed with the interior apartment resort, because the equipment is imported from the world’s major brands such as TEKA, TOTO, POSCH….

  1. How much is about the selling price of Homyland 3?

Homyland 3  apartment

The design of the apartment building Homyland 3 very luxurious and delicate

At present, the estimated price of Homyland 3 apartment is about §957 / sqm. However, depending on the area, the room price area may be up and down accordingly. For details, you should contact us directly

The payment method HomyLand 3 is very flexible, because the same as the Baoshan investors, so the HomyLand lines before payment, how convenient now. For customers who buy to stay permanently, depending on their preferences can choose the appropriate. For real estate investors, we will provide clearer advice on another aspect.

From now on, you should contact us directly to pre-order HomyLand 3 apartment to officially open the sale, the selection and procedures will be more simplified and quickly. When we are active in anything, the results will be better than passive, surrender.

Whether you buy an apartment or not, just take some time to visit the model home and experience the ideal living space here!

See more market information at: Vietnam Real Estate Market

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