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How Does Centana Thu Thiem Cost?

Centana Thu Thiem view

Currently, Centana Thu Thiem is being offered at a range of VND 28million / sqm.

Comparing prices of Centana Thu Thiem with other projects and segments under detailed analysis and evaluation of the Centana Thu Thiem project from Vietnam Real Estate:

  • Lexington Residence: from VND 32 million/sqm.
  • ParcSrping, Krista, Kris Vue of Capitaland: from VND 24 – 29 million/sqm.
  • Homyland 1-2, La Astoria:  from VND 20 million/sqm.
  • De Capella: from VND 26 million/sqm.

2 bedrooms:

+ Area: 63,8 sqm

+Price: VND 1,93 billion to 2,2 billion /unit

2 bedrooms + 1:

+ Area: 88,2 sqm

+Price: 2,49 billion to 2,9 billion/ unit

3 bedrooms:

+ Area: 97,1 sqm

+Price: VND 2,9 billion to 3,3 billion/ unit

Centana Thu Thiem’s price

Compared to the common cost of existing apartment projects in District 2, such as The Sun Avenue apartment project (VND  45 million / sqm), Lexington (VND  40 million / sqm), Thuan Viet ( Masteri (VND 45 million / sqm), Gateway Thao Dien (VND 45-50 million / sqm) … then we can see the price of apartments in Centana Thu Thiem lower than 20 – 40%, equivalent to VND 1.1 billion for a complete apartment handover. This is an extremely attractive number for any customer or investor who is in need of seeking apartments in District 2.

Centana Thu Thiem’s payment method

prices of Centana Thu Thiem
Agribank guarantees loans with flexible payment method

With Agribank guaranteed loans with flexible payment method, Centana Thu Thiem apartment project is receiving many investors.

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In addition, in order to best support the need to buy a home for every customer and minimize the pressure to pay, the project’s investor, Dean Phuc Thanh, offers seven extremely flexible payment methods with extraction rates. Up to 11%. Along with that is the commitment to lease back in 12 months at a price of VND 240 million/ year from investor Centana Thu Thiem.

Especially, on April 8, 2017, the owner of Dien Phuc Thanh will offer many attractive promotions for customers when buying apartments Centana Thu Thiem, promotion including VND  50 million, donating gold and lucky draw for Mercedez, give 2% of the total value of the apartment, good discount for investors when buying 2 units or more.

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