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How Is The Scale Of Kenton Node Apartment Large?

Kenton Node project

It can be said that Kenton Node apartment project is one of the projects in Saigon South area in 2017. It is built on 10.8 hectares of land, 9 buildings with diversified investment form: Condos for sale, Condos, hotels, high-class offices, commercial centers, Kenton International School, Kenton International Hospital, multifunctional theme park, most special It is the largest aerial theater in Vietnam, …

How is the scale of Kenton Node Apartments big?

Kenton Node Hotel complex has a total investment of $ 800 million, a closed-door service that fully meets the requirements of a first class 4-star destination and a first-night entertainment center. Included in a real estate project in Vietnam such as: Water Music, Hanging Theater, 4-star hotel complex, 1.8 km walking the street, swimming pool with lazy river more than 2,000 sqm, shopping High-end, marina, etc. It is worth mentioning, instead of large apartments as in 2009, the investor Resource has adjusted the area of the apartment is more, with the area from 47sqm, meet the needs of many young families and housing needs.

This is considered suitable due to the demand for 2 bedroom s in the moderate real estate market in Ho Chi Minh City.It is very high. If identified and focused on targeting this young clientele, the Kenton Node apartment project will be as successful as Masteri Thao Dien or Lexington in District 2.

General information:

  • Investor: Tai Nguyen Co., Ltd with many years of experience in the field of real estate
  • Construction contractor: Coteccons is one of the most prestigious contractors in Vietnam
  • Location: Nguyen Huu Tho, Phuoc Kien, Nha Be, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Scale of the project: phase 1 includes 14 towers, 1702 apartments, 288 five-star hotel rooms
  • Floor: Apartment: 23 storeys, Shophouse: 9 floors
  • Total area: 10.7 ha
  • Total floor: Apartment area: 436,153.59 sqm
  • Parking space: 5,500 car parking spaces (mechanical technology applied)
  • Each apartment has 2 space for motorbike
  • Apartment area: 1sq.m (45-48sqm), 2 bedrooms (69-86sqm), 3 bedrooms (115-143sqm), Penthouse (299-379sqm)
  • Building density: 23%
  • Area of trees: 77%
  • Number of add-ons: 50 add-ons
Kenton Node hotel complex
Kenton Node Hotel complex has a total investment of up to $ 800 million

Discover the “terrible” utility chain at the Kenton Node apartment project

Kenton Node Apartments are built on the idea of a green space, full of modern facilities. If in District 2 there is the Empire City is a symbol of luxury living space, D’Edge Thao Dien is a symbol of class, the Kenton Node Hotel Complex is a symbol of architectural features and scale in super-monumental in Saigon South.

At the project, there are more than 50 unique local amenities first appeared in Vietnam apartment projects, primarily serving the recreational needs of Kenton Node residents. In addition to the popular facilities such as parks, strolling way, schools, hospitals, shopping centers, …, this place has gathered quite a variety of different types of entertainment, creating a highlight for the super project. present.

Vietnam’s largest music theater

On June 22, 2017, Tai Nguyen Construction – Production – Trading Co., Ltd announced a unique art music show with a total investment of $ 3 million, implemented by Top 3 music company in the world. The water is Shanghai Jiayue Fountain Engineering Co., Ltd. The show has the highest water spill of about 100m, free service for residents and visitors to see at Kenton Node apartment project on Nguyen Huu Tho street, Nha Be district, Ho Chi Minh City. Each water show serves about 2,000 visitors at 20 hours. This stage promises to be a great weekend entertainment destination for residents of Saigon South when the project is completed and put into use, along with a 1.8 km long pedestrian street.

Kenton Node hotel complex
Water show at super-magnificent Kenton Node

On the part of the investor, there is a real sharing of the desire to build the Kenton Node Hotel Complex and the Evergreen Project into two important destinations on the river cruise to Can Gio Biosphere Reserve.

Outdoor stage

The architect of the Resource Company, Mr. Ngo Tuan Khoi, said: “The outdoor stage system at Kenton Node Hotel Complex is based on BIM technology and will become a symbol of the whole city. Ho Chi Minh right after the completion “.

Kenton Node project
Perspective of hanging stage outdoors at Kenton Node project

BIM is the process used to create an information model in the design, construction and operation phases. This technology is being applied by many countries in the construction industry. In Southeast Asia, Vietnam will be the second (after Singapore) country to have aerial architecture. Vietnam’s first modern outdoor stage after fulfilling promises to bring a unique entertainment experience.

New Foreigner Street appears at Kenton Node Apartments

“New Foreigner Street” (Nha Be District, HCMC) is designed 1.8km long, is a shopping, entertainment, dining and entertainment. “New West Street” scale to receive 10.000 to 15,000 visitors come to play and walk only on the whole route.You can come and have fun with diversified services, no need to add outside services from morning to night.

The specialty of this tourist village is not to focus on high-end shopping but to entertainment. People are walking in the meticulously planned area and enjoying the surrounding services. Visitors to Kenton Node are targeted primarily at the young and middle-aged.

Kenton Node project
The new West Street is one of the highlights of Kenton Node

Mr. Nguyen Tuan Khoi, the architect of Tai Nguyen Company, said that if you compare Kenton Node project with West Street District 1, Nha Be West Street should be more than one level. Owner Kenton Node has combined and brought together people to enjoy the food and shopping.

Pool, lazy river, garden and BBQ area of 10.000sqm

KentonNode project
Design of the pool with a water surface of more than 2,500 sqm- a resort

Shopping mall

Kenton Node project
The modern shopping mall integrates leading international and Vietnamese brands not only to satisfy the diverse shopping needs of its residents, but also to provide a great base for leisure and relaxation.

Five-star hotel

With the launch of the first five-star hotel in South Saigon, Kenton Node Hotel Complex is changing the real estate market here. For the first time, an international standard Hotel Complex was built at the prime traffic location of Phu My Hung, connecting to the airport, city center, Long Thanh, Dau Giay expressway and highways connecting Western

Kenton Node project
Perspective of Kenton Node 5-star hotel

International School

Kenton Node International Elementary School, with its international standardized educational background, is an ideal learning environment for children to develop in both physical and mental harmony.

Kenton Node project
Perspective of Kenton Node 5-star hotel

International Hospital

The international hospital within the project area is the highlight of the Kenton Node community’s comprehensive care process. With the size of the hospital, the residents of the project will not have to go too far to meet the needs of medical examination or treatment at any time.

Kenton Node project
Perspective of Kenton Node International Hospital

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How Is The Scale Of Kenton Node Apartment Large?

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