Impression Creates Attraction For Kenton Project

The Kenton Node project has returned and it creates a lot of attraction to the real estate market. Let Real Estate Express find out the impressive factors of this project.

In a short time, Kenton Node Apartment project will be officially opened for sale stage 1 and it will bring Saigon residents more than 200 apartments, which means that 200 ideal living spaces will be given to the first Saigon residents impressing by the project. Of course, the total number of Kenton Node apartments is 3000 units, but obviously, the first few customers are always fun to experience.

What does the Kenton Node project make attractive to ensure that Kenton Node Apartments deserve a peaceful and ideal place for Saigon residents? What do the Kenton Node Apartments make a happy home? All in the difference, the class only in this project. And we will reveal the following information for you to find out:

  1. Kenton Node project – Magnificent New York City Symphony at South Saigon

Outlined by the talented designer such as Skidmore, Owen, and Merrill, the Kenton Node Apartment project has been named the “New Downtown – New City” in the South of Ho Chi Minh City.

The Kenton Node Apartment is romantically considered as an eloquent glorious symphony of “Tropical Jungle” but included the modern European architectural style that is filled with greenery. This place is very special because it not only gives the inhabitants a romantic life as romantic as paradise but also brings the breadth of modern and class of the times.

Here, the middle and upper class of Vietnamese, foreigners who come to Vietnam to work or travel accidentally but fall in love with “the land and Vietnamese people” want to settle permanently … All of them will find out and get their own life with absolute satisfaction when choosing Kenton Node Apartments.

In fact, although the project’s name is Kenton Node Apartment, the project is a series of other surprising real estate products when being compared with other projects in District 7, it is the classy complex as a resort in the center of the city. In Kenton Node Apartments, you will find the only international 5-star hotel in South of Ho Chi Minh City. You will also find Sky Deck, Slot Machine, hospital, clinic, commercial center and a series of expensive utilities.

The combination of ingenuity “6 in 1” among the elements, which emphasizes Nature (N), Opportunity (O), Deluxe (D) and Entertainment (E) … Kenton Node Hotel Complex is an ideal place for residents, which creates a “City in the reach!”

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  1. Special Design of the Kenton Node Apartment and Humanitarian Values from Tai Nguyen

Though Tai Nguyen is not a regular investor developing prominent real estate projects, the investor always works with its best own mind, a scope with orientations of the mission when embarking on investing. This is the reason why Kenton Node Apartments was announced in early 2017, besides the highlight of the location, utility, space … the project is also confirmed criteria on a mission by investors. All the things that are asserted by Tai Nguyen show the humanity and insight of the investor with this special project.

Kenton Node Hotel Complex

Kenton Complex internal project facility

Accordingly, the Kenton Node apartment has been developed with the aim to be an important area to complete the South Saigon area because there are no 5-star hotels yet and there are not many international projects. The appearance of the Kenton Node Apartment will certainly bring a whole new look to the whole South area as the city expects.

The second important criterion for this project is to build a tropical-specific city that meets the standards of the modern European Union architecture. Therefore, the design of the apartment is very unique, classy and luxurious with open space with multi-layer security system and the most modern furniture with the ability to prevent winds blowing…. Especially, the products of the project are guaranteed the sustainable structure with the life of more than 100 years despite the natural disasters as well as climate change today.

Humanitarian value comes from the project, the bold direction of the investor … all come from the mind of the chairman of Tai Nguyen and the scope of the collective units to carry out construction, management, and finish of Kenton Node Apartment project.

In the Kenton Node Hotel Complex, you will know how to live and enjoy the “Truthfulness – Compassion – Forbearance” element.

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