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Is Lexington Residence Really Attractive?

Lexington Residence project

At present, the Lexington Residence project has been completed and handed over 100% of the apartments to the owner. The project has had residents to live and work that creates a young, dynamic, civilized residential area with high educational level.

A modern living space with full of high-end amenities are blended with green nature, perfect transportation infrastructure, all contribute to the appeal of the Lexington Residence apartment complex.

Not only that, the apartment is also built with a diversification of apartments (including one to three bedroom apartment, shophouse, office and office-tel), area of use choose from 48.5sqm to 101,5sqm. The price for fully furnished apartments and furniture here is also very competitive, from VND 1.9 billion to VND 2.1 billion for an apartment with one bedroom, and from VND 3.2 billion to VND 3.7 billion. The current average price of Lexington Residence is about VND38 million/sqm, in the B-Grade segment. However, this is the price for a fully furnished apartment which is extremely competitive compared to the price at luxury apartment projects in the area. Through this, the investor not only offers a wide selection of apartments for sale for customers, but also offers the opportunity to own a high-end apartment for people with middle-income.

Lexington Residence project
Luxurious living space, airy inside a high floor apartment Lexington Residence.

Accompanying with airy design apartments, a variety of utility is a very friendly fee compared to the high-end apartment projects. Accordingly, the management fee levied by the owner for each unit at Lexington Residence is only VND 12,000 / sqm/month (including VAT) for use of all utilities without paying which includes elevator, swimming pool, gymnasium for each building, park, garden, barbecue, etc .In addition, parking fees for car and motorbike are low at VND 66,000/ motorcycle/month and VND 880,000/ car/month. That creates a lot of advantages to attract residents to live.

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Is Lexington Residence Really Attractive?

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