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Jamila Khang Dien Apartment In The Perspective Of Experts

Jamila Khang Dien

The Jamila apartment is located in front of the parallel highway but costs only USD $ 1000 / sqm. Jamila Khang Dien apartments are attracting many customers thanks to the nice location not much different from District 2.

We share the view and analysis of the Khang Dien apartment project in this article, hoping to help our customers have more information to decide.

Situation of transactions of apartments in the area

Currently, a large number of apartments in this area are trading quite well. Mainly comes from the transaction volume of projects such as Thu Thiem Garden, Sky 9 (3rd phase of First Home), Flora Fuji, The Art of Gia Hoa, Him Lam Phu An…

In neighboring District 2, it is mainly the Palm Heights apartment project in the subdivision of Keppel Land’s Palm City project.

Jamila Khang Dien
Internal utility system of Jamila Khang Dien

District 9 price ranges from USD $ 864 – 1227 / sqm.

Palm Heights is currently priced at USD $ 1500/sqm

Price Centana Thu Thiem: About USD $ 1272/sqm

Price for La Astoria – Homyland 3 – From USD $ 1227/sqm

Looking through the transaction of apartments in the area adjacent to Nam Rach Chiec District 2 and Phu Huu – Phuoc Long B District 9 is quite okay. The primary liquidity is good but the secondary liquidity has to wait about a year for the market to move well.

In the next two years, the supply of apartments here will likely increase rapidly mainly from Him Lam City’s Him Lam City of 300 hectares. The Jamila apartment project we think you can buy for investment, but it is better to choose the plan to accumulate assets. If it is possible to use bank loans then choose, the loan value should not be more than 50% of the value of the apartment, and interest rates below 14%. However, customers purchase the first stage – the current stage where the owner gives the average price of about USD $ 1090/sqm is very good. In our opinion, this price will be purchased by customers as well as investors choose.

Market Update of Jamila Khang Dien:

Session 1: Open for sale on May 21, 2017 – Transaction 100% block D at the price of USD $ 1045-1136/sqm. Khang Dien Investor continues to open block C to sell and trade more than 80% of the number of units launched. Prices for Jamila Block C are 5% higher than block D. The beautiful apartments in block D are traded secondary, the difference is about USD $ 2272. Secondary market liquidity temporarily, not very fast because investors are launching block A with the location is more beautiful.

Session 2: Khang Dien will open in late June 2017, with prices expected to be around USD $ 1090/sqm – 1181/sqm. The investor is accepting a refundable reservation (No purchase, then refund).

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Who is the owner of the Jamila apartment? How prestigious?

Jamila Khang Dien
Jamila Khang Dien apartment overall

Jamila project is a large project in District 9. Meanwhile, Khang Dien is an investor with a fairly large market share and good reputation in District 9. Khang Dien is quite famous for the development of townhouses, villas in Compound areas in Phu Huu – Phuoc Long B District 9 or the Melosa Garden, Mega-Village, Venica, Lucasta. Khang Dien is a prestigious brand in timely delivery, and the quality of projects of this investor in District 9 can be assessed fairly well.

In addition, the financial strength of two financial institutions and investment funds Vinacapital and Prudential world famous give Khang Dien many opportunities. And in 2016 Khang Dien has bought up to 25% of the capital of BCCI Real Estate Company and has a land fund up to a total of 500 hectares in the west of HCM.

Apart from that, the Jamila apartment project is a combination of big brands such as Hoa Binh Construction Company (Vietnam Construction No.2) and CBRE. According to our assessment through the Khang Dien projects, the quality is acceptable. Investors do the legal quite thoroughly so buyers quickly get pink book after receiving the handover.

Where is Jamila Khang Dien apartment located?

Jamila Khang Dien
Located at an extremely prime location, Jamila Khang Dien apartment close to the Long Thanh – Dau Giay strategic highway connects directly to Do Xuan Hop.

Jamila apartment is quite nice, located in front of Song Hanh highway, just behind Khang Dien’s VIP The Venica. Song Hanh route is the key route of the area, linking from An Phu intersection to District 9 road, passing through projects in Nam Rach Chiec such as Palm City, Lakeview City.

Currently, on this route, only Jamila Khang Dien is an apartment project located in the frontage. Therefore, the price from USD $ 1022/sqm is quite shocking for customers as well as the real estate

Although, the exact location of the Jamila Apartment is District 9 but there are no much different from District 2 because it is just 150 meters from District 2. The ability to connect the traffic to District 2 and District 1 centers is extremely convenient.

From here, it takes 15 minutes to travel by motorbike to District 1 via Song Hanh route to Mai Chi Tho street.

In addition, the strength of the Jamila project is that it is located in a fairly open area, without much screening, next to a large canal so the habitat is assessed fairly well. In the near future, Jamila’s location will add value to the project where is mainly surrounded by large urban areas such as Nam Rach Chiec, Him Lam City. Especially, the Jamila Khang Dien apartment project is only 2km from the District 9 and High tech zone so the future will also increase in value.

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Project Overview Jamila Khang Dien

+ Jamila Apartment Owner: Khang Dien House

+ Location: Front of Sai Gon – Long Thanh high way, near Lakeview City

+ Contractor: Hoa Binh

+ Total area of land near 1.6 hectares, construction density of about 30%

+ The project has 4 blocks, 23 floors + underground, with nearly 900 apartments

  • 2 storey commercial (Shophouse)
  • 2 bedroom apartment (65 – 75sqm), 3 bedroom apartment, 1 bedroom apartment, pen-house apartment

+ Local amenities: swimming pool for adults (about  500sqm) swimming pool for children, GYM room, children’s playground, kindergarten, BBQ, minimart…

+ Status: Under construction pile foundation

+ 1st Transition: Fourth Quarter 2018 & 2nd Transition: First Quarter 2019.

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Jamila Khang Dien Apartment In The Perspective Of Experts

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