Jamila Khang Dien – Real Estate Is Attracted

With apartment projects, housing is growing more and more, but at Jamila Khang Dien with favorable geographic location and equipment system is invested by contractors and preferential pricing policy strongly attracted real estate investors.

The highest demand for housing in the city is in the areas near the city center, which has created tremendous fever. So what Jamila Khang Dien has the advantage to make real estate investors do not rest at the beginning of the project?

To assess whether or not to invest in the project, in addition to the best price policy from the developer, the location and potential development is also a factor that real estate professionals are extremely concerned specifically Jamila Khang brings many benefits such as:

  1. Location of the project.

Jamila Khang Dien

Well located of Jamila Khang Dien

The project is located right in the center of District 9, and its frontage is adjacent to the Song Hanh Expressway, which is conveniently located with such large arteries, so moving to other districts in the city center of  Ho Chi Minh City as Thu Duc District, District 1, District 2, Binh Thanh District very easily.

The project is located right next to many important places such as Mien Dong bus station, Tan Son Nhat airport, Suoi Tien gas station, Vanh Dai 2, Vanh Dai 3 … so moving to other areas are extremely convenient

  1. Utility services

With the design of a new modern apartment building, Jamila Khang Dien has stepped up the design of shared services with 50 utility services that will give future residents more fun, Shopping, exercise … the items are invested strongly, such as:

The park system surrounds the whole apartment block, the surrounding greenery system brings fresh living space.

The swimming pool in front of the apartment building gives residents the opportunity to exercise.

Gym, Spa and Yoga systems provide training facilities for residents.

Shopping mall: Help the purchase of equipment, food of residents more convenient.

Parking Garage: With a motorbike parking area, the car will be available for more convenience and convenience.

Elevators, surveillance cameras, lighting systems, 24/24 security help bring safety and convenience to most future residents.

  1. Policy, the sale price of the apartments in the project.

Jamila Khang Dien

Environment as well as living space is very fresh

Saying the sale price of the apartments at the Jamila Khang Dien project is extremely reasonable not entirely wrong, as compared with the projects that have been put into use will clearly see this, specifically at the Palm apartment project Heights has a price of $1,435 / sqm when completed, but rough delivery is $1,218 / sqm; At the project Centana Thu Thiem apartment price of about $1,218 / sqm, Homyland project price is also ranging from $1,174 to $1,305 per sqm. Compared to the apartment projects, Jamila Khang Dien has a very favorable position and the price is very reasonable, only $1,045 / sqm when the delivery is completed. This price is much cheaper than other projects in the same area.

The apartments at Jamila Khang Dien are also designed with a variety of different types of apartments such as a bedroom, 2 bedrooms and 3 bedrooms. At a price of $1,045 per square meter, individuals with an income of $ 1,305 per square meter can afford it.

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Investing in the project brings advantages to investors.

Jamila Khang Dien

Diverse types of apartments in Jamila Khang Dien

With the above highlights, the policy of selling apartments from the owner is quite appropriate. The project is expected to be handed over in two phases with the first phase taking place in the third quarter of 2018, the second phase will take place in the first quarter of 2019. With the support from the investor, when investing to order apartments only up to 50% of the total amount will be paid on a monthly basis at an extremely favorable interest rate.

Ownership of Jamila Khang Dien apartments and then reselling or leasing will bring great profit opportunities for investors from the difference between the purchase price and the selling price from time to time.

Quickly choose the most beautiful apartments of the project, the opportunity to make big profits for investors. For questions about the project please contact 0933.186.123 to receive the most accurate information from the investor.

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