Jamila Khang Dien – Wonderful Green Life

Currently, high-rise condominium projects are increasingly open to improving the infrastructure and infrastructure of urban areas and cities. Not only that, the need to live and live in high-quality apartments with luxury style and class of people is increasing because of living standards and income level is also growing. Understanding that need, Jamila Khang Dien opened up to serve the needs of luxury and class living of the middle and upper classes.

1 Jamila Khang Dien – Paradise in the city

Jamila is located in District 9 of Saigon East, considered as the most convenient land in the planned urban area with infrastructure and development facilities in the center of Saigon. Jamila Khang Dien is only 7 km from the city center, about 15 minutes to 20 minutes by car from the city center, almost considered to be in the middle of the city. Jamila is located right on the front of Song Hanh Street, which connects to the Long Thanh – Dau Giay Expressway, so the people living here are very convenient to move between districts and do not worry about street or traffic.

Jamina Khanh Dien

Jamila Paradise in the city

Far too far Jamila is planned as a luxury condominium complex with blocks of flats, hotel-condotel, offices for lease, beauty centers, shopping centers, … and many other utilities… The total area of Jamila construction land is 16,667sqm, the construction area is 3883m2 with the construction density of 23% and the commercial and service area of 7,000m2. The high-class apartment is equipped with a 3-layer security system to ensure the security of your life, while the structure and interior are arranged reasonably to meet the needs of living space class. , Your luxury. In addition, Jamila’s facilities and services are ready to serve you, sports centers, shopping, beauty parlors … with all modern amenities and facilities. Guests can shop for anything in their living space. At the same time, the green hanging gardens are arranged around the campus population, creating a green space, fresh air, close and friendly with nature, make life beautiful.

With Jamila Khang Do everything in hand

Jamina Khanh Dien

The location is convenient in the heart of the city

Jamila is located in the most convenient land in Saigon and is almost convenient for people to travel to anywhere in the city. Jamila is very close to District 2 and District 9 Hospital, which many consider to be moving to somewhere because the hospital is very important in emergencies. In addition, Jamila is also very close to BHD cinemas, Vincom shopping malls and international schools, so it is considered as the gold location when it is close to hospitals, schools and entertainment areas. Not only that, in Jamila, people are very convenient to buy cassava in Ben Thanh Market, the famous bustling market in Saigon, now no need to go far but only with 15 to 20 minutes drive It is easy to reach Ben Thanh Market without fear of traffic jams and traffic jams.

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Therefore, Jamila is not only located in the favorable area of Saigon, but Jamila also qualifies as a high-end apartment complex. In addition to the luxury apartment block and class, Jamila also has a full range of amenities and services, meeting the full entertainment needs and enjoy your life. Not only that, Jamila’s green living space is also very beneficial to the card life and spiritual life of the people, with hanging gardens are arranged everywhere. Jamila promises to bring fresh green space, fresh air to helps regulate the life of the hot summer days of Saigon.

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