Kenton Node Hotel Complex – Asserted Super-Luxurious Position

The Kenton Hotel Complex project has attracted the attention of many investors and the people. Let’s find out why this project affirms its super-sovereign position in comparison with other projects.

Recently, when experts are concerned about the real estate market in the high-end segment is showing signs of oversupply, the Kenton Node Hotel Complex has attracted the attention of not only the media, the investors, but also the customers and the nearby residents. Although the selling price is quite high compared to the market, this project still makes many customers be satisfied by the quality class, the outstanding facilities, and unique design and style. The green living environment is very fresh, meet European standards.

What did you know about the Kenton Node Hotel Complex?

As early as 2017, Noveland continued to launch the next phase of the super project to Melinh Tower, Tai Nguyen Company has also joined the high-end real estate segment with the Kenton Node Hotel Complex along with the selling price is quite high.

Location of Kenton Node Hotel Complex on Nguyen Huu Tho – Phuoc Kien – Nha Be – Ho Chi Minh City – surrounded by Rach Dia River.

And with this location, residents can easily move to the central district in the city which takes only 10-15 minutes. Not only that, District 7 is also one of the places to concentrate high education and a complete infrastructure of the entire city. So the future of the Kenton Node Hotel Complex is likely to become a symbolic apartment building for District 7 – south of the city.

It is not enough to mention the position is not enough for the great stature as well as the modern project under the brand name Tai Nguyen. At Kenton Node Hotel Complex, there are also 50 utilities, which are European standard, including hospitals, schools, commercial centers, banks, entertainment areas, luxury restaurants, 5-star hotels…

It can be said that all the elements to form a luxurious residential community are encapsulated in the Kenton Node Hotel Complex. Not too confident to say that this is an ultra-modern miniature city dedicated to the elite.

Despite the construction of many buildings, high-rise buildings, Tai Nguyen Company still cannot forget the nature of the apartment project. With 77% of the area planted and planted, the investor is gradually realizing his claim to create a sustainable living space, especially promoting the values and beauty of this land to accompany the residents to a better future.

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With the open price is quite high compared to nearby projects, why Kenton Node Hotel Complex still attract customers and investors?

As the information above we have known, with the utmost luxury and class, European standards, this was not too surprising that the Kenton Node Hotel Complex opened for sale at quite high prices.

According to the news, Kenton Node Hotel Complex offers about 10,000 luxury apartments from other 6 major projects that are spearheading the real estate market. Although the market is still in the context of oversupply, Kenton Node Hotel Complex still has its own way. Although selling at high prices, this project still attracts many customers and investors.

Why Kenton Node Hotel Complex attracted the attention of customers and investors?

The first cause is the recovery of the economy. The economy of Vietnam has many signs of development after joining the ASEAN Economic Community in 2015. As a result, the income of the people also increases and the number of people entering the elite is also quite high. Therefore, the objects of the Kenton Node Hotel Complex are becoming more diversified.

The second is due to the amendment of the real estate business law, whereby foreigners can completely buy houses in Vietnam. Because of this loosening, it has expanded the market for the project.

Kenton Node Hotel Complex

Kenton Node Hotel Complex brings the complete Saigon South

And third, it’s the price of Kenton Node Hotel Complex lower than other luxury projects. Although selling at high prices compared to most Vietnamese, but compared with other Southeast Asian countries, this project is still selling at low prices. As with other high-end real estate, apartments in Singapore are the smallest is USD $ 1,900,000 per unit, the apartments in Thailand are USD $ 240,000 to 308,000 per unit. That is why, with extremely competitive prices, the Kenton Node Hotel Complex still attracts a large number of foreigners to the project.

There are three reasons why this project attracts customers. Come to the Kenton Node Hotel Complex for a luxurious and exclusive lifestyle.

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