Kenton Node Hotel Is An Ideal Habitat

When mentioning Kenton Node Hotel Complex Apartment project, most of the real estate experts consider: “Tai Nguyen has created an ideal habitat which is characterized as European-Asian space in Sai Gon.” What are reasons for this comment?

  1. Vietnamese demands on living and working in peace and contentment

To Vietnamese people, their best wish is to own a peace house where is near company, school and full of amenities. “To live and work in peace and contentment” is all right. Many people agree with paying a premium and living in a countryside where they can enjoy a clean living space, friendly natural view, and safe habitat. Living in there, they can have once more chance to experience the most beautiful moments.

Therefore, the housing trend in Ho Chi Minh City is changing. The numbers of citizens do not live in the central districts where is always noisy and has frequently traffic jam. They move to District 7, District 2, District 9 or District Nha Be to enjoy a comfortable place.

Kenton Node Hotel Complex

Convenient transportation location of Kenton Node Hotel Complex

The Government has developed construction and transportation in The South and the East of Sai Gon strongly. It takes 15 minutes to move to District 1, District 3. Tai Nguyen company is really understanding customer behavior and they have a good vision.

  1. The reasons why Kenton Node Hotel Complex apartment is evaluated as an ideal living space:

We have just discovered about Vietnamese behaviors and the ways to choose a house of them in the present socio-economic circumstance. By information plus following reasons, you will understand why Kenton Node Hotel Complex project is assessed very high.

– The first highlight feature of this project is the scale and planning ways. To illustrate, the planning area of Kenton Node Hotel Complex apartment is super large in Nha Be District that is about 11ha. This location is convenient for traffic and has development potential. The project owner spends 23% of the area for the construction density and 77% of the area for green and utility area. Therefore, you will feel comfortable and relaxed, will experience a dream house as a heaven where is clothed by tropical trees.

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– The second outstanding feature is the architecture of Kenton Node Hotel Complex project. The architecture and furniture are designed according to European style. It means that after completing, Kenton Node Hotel Complex project has looked after a miniature European-style building which is safe, beautiful and maintains over 100 years.

If you want to know more about Kenton Node Hotel Complex, you will contact us to update the information.

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