Kenton Node Project Is So “Hot” In The South Of Sai Gon

Kenton Node Viet Nam is a “Hot” project in the South of Saigon. Let Real Estate Express find out why this project is “Hot”.

The Kenton Node is expected to be the most prominent project in 2017, with all the advanced facilities that no projects in District 7 can be compared to, not only large scale but also the level service quality.

The precursor of Kenton Node project is Kenton Residence

With the new name, Kenton Node brings the charming and sparkling beauty of the riverside urban area of the South of Sai Gon, this was a beautiful project in 2008 and was completed a part. Due to the rapidly dropping real estate market in 2009, now the project has been being offered for sale at an expected price of $ 2,000 per sqm. Kenton Node owns a gold position with a beautiful river view makes anyone even visit it just one time will have the impression of an ideal living, the most worthy living project in the South of Sai Gon.

Kenton Node apartment deserves the most luxurious apartment in District 7

With 20,000sqm of the commercial center, along with the luxurious hotel and restaurant chain brings Kenton Node luxury without any project in District 7 comparable to. The aerial theater first appeared in Vietnam, swimming pool area of 2500sqm, large basement about 2500 seats and the marina to Rach Dia River bring Kenton Node luxury. There is no project in District 7 as luxurious as Kenton Node project.

The investment of Kenton Node project is better than the projects of Nguyen Huu Tho Street.

Kenton Node brings a new vitality to the South of Saigon, especially the view of river and utility is the highlight that the projects along Nguyen Huu Tho road do not have. It has a very wide river and beautiful view. The living space is the most practical value that the project towards in the future. Enjoying the wind and water make life more relaxed. Every morning residents wake up to walk along the river with fresh air, watch the river with the boats and the Riverside market, this makes life becomes more beautiful. Especially the delicious and fresh seafood of the riverside residents is the best choice for quality meals.

Investing in Kenton Node is a top choice for the investors, the value added of these apartments falls from 10% to 15%, with the rental value of about from $1000 for the two-bedroom apartment. Moreover, Nguyen Huu Tho route has been upgraded infrastructure, without flood tide. The price of Kenton Node can increase quickly before the information: Nha Be is transferred to the district, the real estate price will jump to about 30% compared to the existing real estate, so this is an opportunity not to be missed when investing in Kenton Node in District 7.

Information about Kenton Node apartment project in District 7 is invested by Tai Nguyen Group:

Location: Nguyen Huu Tho Street – the new urban area in the South of Saigon

Total area: 91.000 sqm


Density of construction: 20%

Project scale: Include 15 Towers, height from 23 to 45 stories.

The total of apartments: 3000 units.

Trade Center: 20000sqm

The area of 6 swimming pools: 2500sqm

The basement: 40.000sqm

The capacity of parking: up to 5000 seats

The total of investment: 350.000 USD

Hotel: 800 units and shop house: 60 units

Riverside walkway: 1.4 km.

The swimming pool is the largest in the South of Sai Gon with 2500sqm and the first distinctive aerial theater in Vietnam.

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Why should buy Kenton Node apartment in the South of Sai Gon?

Prices are competitive

There are many advanced and superior utilities

Golden location in the heart of the South of Sai Gon

The most beautiful river view in District 7

Reaching investment opportunities when Nha Be is transferred to district

Nguyen Huu Tho Street is one of the priority options for investors.

Many buildings such as hotel, shophouse, restaurant.

Kenton Node Hotel Complex

Kenton Node Hotel Complex interior project

Kenton Node Hotel makes the real estate value of this project increase

The hotel system will bring to the residents a super-utility project, many high-class services, with 91.000sqm are considered to be a very large area in the South of Sai Gon, with many factors such as river view, marina, swimming pool, commercial center …This will turn this place into an ideal living where no project in the area is comparable. All apartments are built with Europe quality standards as the five-star hotel. The quality system of Kenton Node is solid. Built at the gateway south of Saigon, Kenton Node has been the super-project and attended in 2017. That place has many utilities to create a difference from the other regional projects.

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