Kikyo Villa Is Unique In Japanese Style

Kikyo Villa With Unique Design Architecture, high-class Japanese Style. Let’s visit the Villa Valora Kikyo.

The architecture and development of the Valora Kikyo villa complex is based on 3P criteria: Peaceful, Proficient and Perspective. Valora Kikyo is easily accessible to users at affordable prices, offering a range of middle-income but it’s also high-class as other projects.

The quality of Valora Kikyo comes from many factors and especially its impressive design.

Design overview Valora Kikyo Villa.

Valora Kikyo project consists of 120 villas located in a prime location in the villa complex, Kikyo Residence luxury apartment complex of Nam Long Group as an investor with a scale of up to 17 hectares, surrounded by two beautiful and romantic river. Living in the Valora Kikyo mansion, residents will have a warm, safe, comfortable and modern living space.

Valora Kikyo project

Delicate, unique design at Valora Kikyo Villa project

The Valora Kikyo luxury apartment is designed with a ground floor and one floor is typical of the classic Western European style. In addition, Valora Kikyo also gives homeowners a neat, beautiful and subtle garden space to making good use of the entire design.

Designed by luxurious architectural standards, all the interior details of the Valora Kikyo mansion show a real sophistication. It’s a way to choose sliding doors to increase connectivity and coolness and the 100% wood flooring gives a warm feeling and the kitchen comes with a modern and safe kitchen for the owner.

Valora Kikyo Villa – A special combination of Japanese-Vietnamese style design

As Valora Fuji Residence in Residence project, Valora Kikyo designed in the style of Japanese-Vietnamese style sophisticated. That made the living space in the villa is optimized from each centimeter. This is the effort of the architects minded from the real estate company Nam Long. Thanks to that the building density is low (only 18%) making the surrounding area green, clean and extremely airy. This helps the residents of Valora Kikyo villa enjoy a sense of comfort and relaxation in the scenic waterfront of the project.

Located right on the shores of a romantic, cozy and green clay brick (near the flora fuji project), the beautiful Valora Kikyo villa with its floral and unique space is environmentally friendly.

Area and perspective of  Valora Kikyo Villa

Valora Kikyo villas are designed in Japanese style, simple, sophisticated but not fussy and optimize each space used. The project consists of 3 designs with an area of 130sqm – 170sqm.

The following is the Perspective and Area of the Valora Kikyo Villa:

+ The Villa Valora KikyoA: 13x13m= 169sqm; 3-bedroom, 3 WC; GFA 140.3sqm

+ The Villa Valora Kikyo B: 15x13m = 195sqm; 4-bedroom, 3 WC; GFA 80+85.2= 165.2sqm

+ The Villa Valora Kikyo C: 13x18m = 234sqm; 4-bedroom, 3WC, GFA = 172.4sqm.

The rooms in the villa are also arranged very delicate creating cozy space for your family.

All Valora Kikyo villas have a common room for the host or receptionist. The spacious bedroom is designed in harmony, exquisite to feel comfortable and cozy. The bathroom at the Valora Kikyo villa has a glass wall and a modern bathtub.

The isolated location of the Valora Kikyo mansion

Valora Kikyo project

Villa model Valora Kikyo proud Japanese style delicate, luxurious, sustainable

Valora Kikyo is part of the Kikyo Residence project, which owns a prime location in Phu Huu Ward, District 9, on the Long Thanh – Dau Day Highway. Kikyo Residence is located on the peninsula of a tributary of Rach Chiec River, adjacent to District 2 with 2 beautiful lake fronts.

This is indeed an extremely advantageous location to develop trade and transport links because from this location it is convenient and easy to move to the downtown districts, to the amusement parks, the medium Dong Nai, Vung Tau, Binh Duong, etc … Especially, it is possible to go to Vung Tau Tourist Area through many new convenient routes located near the project such as Long Thanh – Dau Thanh highway, Thu Thien bridge and tunnel, not far from Ben Thanh – Suoi Tien metro line.

Fully equipped, advanced and green space at Valora Kikyo mansion

Possessing a large, spacious greenery (over 70%), Valora is a dream home for families.

Besides, there are more than 20 luxury, modern and advanced inside conveniences along with many attractive amenities at Valora Kikyo Villas. Let’s take a look at the super-utility Valora Kikyovillaproject brings outstanding customers such as:

Spacious walkway along the lake, green gardens in the villa area, ecological park along the Rach Chiec River and central lake park, Japanese aerial park – a unique point, …

The luxury interior shopping area, GYM training area, international standard yoga room, sports complex and large swimming pool with different area, swimming pool within the zone for swimming, …

Family area with outdoor BBQ, children’s play area, …

Valora Kikyo Villa – The most attractive price

With an extremely competitive price, it is estimated at $226087 / unit for an impressive, fully furnished, luxurious Valora Kikyo villa that gives you a peaceful life by the romantic river.

See more market information at: Vietnam Real Estate Market

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